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Music for an Active Lifestyle: Workout Music Tips


Looking for a fresh workout playlist? We’ve got the tips that will help you get up and move. You’ll also love it more! Don’t believe us? It’s science!

The following tips use scientific research to help you create the perfect workout playlist that will make you more inspired to move and will help you get through a workout with more joy. There are also a few tips scattered throughout that will help you find those inspirational tunes and maybe even stay current on pop trends. But don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be pop to be great for a workout, even classical music can get your muscles moving.

Tips for Picking Workout Music

Whether you know this from your own experiences, or you love to have a science-based reason to do something, music makes workouts better. There are a few key reasons music is such a workout aid: synchronization to the beat, a reduced rate of perceived exertion, and an enhanced effective state. That said, the music you choose to work out to has an impact on its effectiveness. Use these tips to get the most benefit.

Ramp Up and Down

We all know that a great workout includes a warmup and a cool down, diving right into the heavy part of your fitness routine can even cause an injury. The amount of preparation and recovery you need is an individual thing, so you get to flex that a bit when creating your workout, but just make sure you choose music that fits.

Beat It

The beat is the thing when it comes to working out. If you really want to time your workout to your movements, then knowing the beats per minute (BPM) of a song can help. There’s a website called that will help you find the BPM of a particular song so you can arrange your setlist to speed up and slow down, and you can select a lot of them at the same beat speed for the sustained portion of your workout. 

To help you find songs that are at a set BPM, rather than guessing, try or RockMyRun.

Words Matter

Good job! Keep going! You can do it! All of these phrases are meant to inspire you to keep going and try harder, and there’s a psychological reason behind it. Motivational words are proven to improve your performance and your mindset while performing. Choosing songs that have inspirational messages and statements of strength fuels your brain with a positivity that can be exactly what you need to do more.

Customize It

You know how you feel when you hear your jam–that’s how you want your workout playlist to feel. While researching great workout music and playlists can give you a ton of options, and you can even find entire playlists created for you, they’re not going to be as effective as the one you create yourself. Use Spotify to help you curate a list of songs that make you want to get up and move. That list might include songs from your clubbing days, glory years in high school, pop music, or even classical jams. You know what makes you move, so use it.

Or you could always use this amazing Workout Playlist on Spotify that we've made to get you sweating!

Supplements for Your Workout

If you find your workouts are still a little lackluster, even after compiling the world’s greatest playlist, then you might benefit from a little supplemental boost. Live Conscious’ MoveWell can help stiff and tight joints with the twofold effect provided by glucosamine and chondroitin. 

Need a little extra? MoveWell Plus takes the great MoveWell formula and adds a powerful antioxidant blend to lessen oxidative damage. The sustainably sourced krill oil in this supplement has powerful omega-3 fatty acids that can reduce joint discomfort, and with the inherent DHA and EPA, you might find muscle recovery after exercise is more efficient.

Collagen is another delightful little supplement that’s getting a lot of attention lately. Collagen is famous for its skincare benefits and for helping your skin look youthful, but it does more than that. In fact, collagen is a great workout complement. Collagen is a protein that adds structure to your bones, tendons, and ligaments, keeping them healthy and strong and giving your post-workout body a lift.

You also might want to consider adding Vegan B12 to your fitness regime. Designed to provide metabolic and nervous system support, it harnesses B12 to promote energy and better cellular reproduction. It’s another natural way to recover more efficiently.

Beyond Greens helps you pick yourself up before a workout and summon the energy you’ll need to rock your fitness routine. With a focus on your immune health and microbiome, it gets your body working in harmony, which sounds like the perfect way to round out a fitness playlist to us. And as mentioned in Forbes, Beyond Greens really is everything you need in a glass of goodness. 

Waking Up To Wellness

Creating a perfect workout playlist can transform a chore into some quality ‘me’ time. Not only can it make your workout more enjoyable, but it’s also likely to help you work out harder, longer, and with less perceived effort. That’s a lot of work for a list of songs, and yet, it’s all possible. 

That said, it’s important to pick just the right playlist to carry you through. Try to start slow and end on a slower note to give your body and brain time to ramp up and then back down after the hard part is over. Choose songs that have an upbeat tempo and a good BPM. Look for motivational lyrics that inspire you and put a smile on your face, and stick with songs that appeal to you–who cares what they are, as long as you like them.

Finally, you can add more to your workouts by giving your body the nutritional support it needs to perform best. There are a number of Live Conscious supplements that, when added to healthy meal plans, work to help you feel better before, during, and after your exercise routines. Select foods and supplements that complement your needs and help you perform at your best.