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Winter Wellness Recipes Featuring Live Conscious Collagen


As the cool weather rolls in, we love curling up with a comforting hot beverage to feel cozy and warm. It’s even better when what you have in your mug will support immunity and keep you healthy. And while you’re at it, why not mix in your daily dose of collagen, too? 

Immunity plus beauty support? It’s a win-win!

We’ve collected our favorite winter recipes and infused them with Live Conscious® Collagen Peptides and Beyond Collagen® so you can strengthen and nourish your hair, skin, and nails while supporting immunity. 

As a bonus, if you get occasional achy joints during the colder months, supplementing with collagen and herbs like cinnamon and ginger are great for that, too!

There’s no better time to nourish your body and soul with recipes designed to support your well-being and also make it easy to get your daily scoop of collagen.

Woman in cozy sweater holding mug of warm beverage

Collagen Infused Hot Apple Cider

Cinnamon and cloves are potent immune-supportive herbs, and the scent of these spices floating through your home is reminiscent of the holidays and brings a sense of comfort and joy. You can double the recipe to share at a family gathering, or if you are making this just for yourself, you can store the leftovers in the fridge to warm up later.


1 quart of apple juice 

1-2 cinnamon sticks

½ teaspoon whole cloves

3 tablespoons Live Conscious® Collagen Peptides or Beyond Collagen®

Optional - 2-3 orange slices, plus more for garnish

Optional - star anise and/or cinnamon stick for garnish


Add apple juice, cinnamon sticks, and cloves to a medium saucepan. Bring to a boil, add a lid, reduce heat, and simmer for 20 minutes. 

Carefully strain the hot liquid into another pan or heat-safe container. Stir in collagen and add orange slices to infuse for 4-5 minutes. Pour into mugs, garnish with a slice of orange, star anise, and cinnamon stick if using, and enjoy!

Steaming tea cup with honey, ginger, and lemon

Ginger Lemon Collagen Immunity Elixir

This recipe is great for a scratchy throat or a seasonal cough, but it’s also a wonderful preventative elixir to keep immune function strong and your body healthy through the winter months. Lightly sweetening the mixture with raw honey makes it taste delightful, but the honey also provides immune benefits and soothing powers of its own.


1 quart of purified water 

½-1 tablespoon minced fresh ginger root

3 tablespoons Live Conscious® Collagen Peptides or Beyond Collagen®

juice of ½ lemon

2-3 teaspoons raw honey (or more to taste)

Optional - lemon slice for garnish


Add water and ginger root to a medium saucepan and bring to a boil. Reduce heat, add a lid, and simmer for 20-30 minutes. Carefully strain the hot liquid into another pan or heat-safe container. 

Once strained, add collagen, lemon juice, and honey, stirring to dissolve. Taste and add more honey if desired. Pour into mugs, garnish with lemon if using, and enjoy!

Woman wrapped in blanket holding a cozy drink

Hot Spiced Matcha Latte

Beyond Greens is a powerhouse of immune benefits. Make it a part of your daily routine for the winter months to give yourself the added protection your immune system craves. 

Beyond Greens features matcha, echinacea, and functional mushrooms known for their immune system benefits, including reishi and turkey tail. It already has a nice hint of cinnamon, but you can also add some extra for more spice in your life and added immune benefits. Beyond Greens is slightly sweetened already, but you can always add a little more if you’re craving something a little sweeter.


2 teaspoons Beyond Greens

1 tablespoon Live Conscious® Collagen Peptides or Beyond Collagen®

1 cup milk of choice (we like almond or oat milk)

Optional - ⅛ teaspoon cinnamon, ⅛ teaspoon ginger powder, and ⅛ teaspoon turmeric powder

Optional - ½ teaspoon organic sugar or other sweetener


Use a milk frother to blend all ingredients, or add them to a blender and combine until smooth. Pour into a small saucepan and slowly bring to a gentle simmer. Turn off heat, let cool for 2-3 minutes, pour into a mug, and enjoy!

Final Thoughts

Spend the winter nourishing your immune system while you enhance the health of your hair, skin, nails, and joints. With Live Conscious® Collagen Peptides and Beyond Collagen®, it’s simple to enjoy all of these beauty benefits as they can be added to almost any recipe. Cheers to the comforting embrace of these enticing drinks that make self-care a truly delicious experience.