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What Is My Moon Sign and What Does It Mean?


When most people consult a daily horoscope chart or are asked, “What’s your sign?” they are usually thinking only of their sun sign. Most people are familiar with whether they are a Libra, Pisces, or Gemini, and maybe even a few tell-tale characteristics of their zodiac sign. Some people may read about their astrological sign and think that it doesn’t always align with who they are. This is because there is often a lot more to your natal chart or how the planets were aligned at your time of birth than just your sun sign. An astrology chart is quite complex, and we all have several different planetary placements worth paying more attention to. 

Let’s explore another illuminating aspect of your astrological chart—your moon sign. Along with your sun sign and rising sign, your moon sign reflects a strong aspect of yourself and may be the way to guide you on your inner journey of discovering who you are and how you relate to the world.

What Is a Moon Sign?

Your moon sign reflects your inner world and the emotional aspects of your being. It’s the sign of the zodiac that the moon was in at the moment of your birth. As your rising sign and sun sign may be more outwardly directed or mirror how people in your life may see you, the moon sign will be a connection to all of the invisible facets that make up who you are. This will be the deep stuff, the subconscious and unconscious parts of you, and most likely the pieces that other people don’t really know. You may only share this side of yourself with certain people, or you may not even be aware that you have these traits hidden within you.

The moon has a deep connection to the water element and may push and pull on your emotional landscape. This may inform the way you respond to emotional situations or why certain emotions may be more difficult for you to deal with than others. The moon is also connected to the mystical and magical, so it may manifest in the ways you express your spiritual self or what you seek in the otherworldly realms of your life. The moon rules your moods and instincts, and your moon sign will often reveal itself in your deepest desires and emotional needs. 

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How Do You Find Your Moon Sign?

The simplest way to find your moon sign is to do an online search on a reliable astrology website. Be sure to search several sites to verify you are getting the correct information. Typically, you will simply enter your date of birth, place of birth, and, if possible, the time you were born, and it will be calculated for you. You can also make an appointment with an astrologer to help you find your moon sign and interpret the rest of your chart. 

What Are the Different Moon Signs and Their Traits?

While lists like this can be helpful to get a general idea of how your moon sign shows up in your life, remember that there are many other planetary aspects to be considered. They interact with each other in various ways in your unique birth chart. It may be helpful to work with someone who is experienced in astrology or start learning about the different influences the placement of the planets in your chart may have. For example, someone with an Aries sun and a Pisces moon in their chart may exhibit only a few of their moon aspects if the cardinal Aries side of them overpowers the soft mutable Pisces side. 

Astrology is all about relationships, so it’s normal to identify with certain aspects of your planetary placements and less with others. Some parts of your chart may be subtle, and some may be very prominent, and you may not even realize how you embody them until you are put in certain situations where they more fully express themselves. 

Another way to look at these signs is to see what element the sign is. For example, Sagittarius is a fire sign, so if you have that moon placement, you may have a fiery emotional side. In contrast, someone with a Cancer moon placement may have watery emotions that flood or overflow. An air sign such as Gemini may have quick-changing emotions that don’t linger but can be all-consuming. Someone with an earthy moon sign, such as Capricorn, may not even seem very emotional at all, but once you dig down, there is always more than meets the eye.

moon sign symbols of aries, taurus and gemini

Aries Moon

This moon placement tends to result in fiery and impulsive emotions. They may be quick and impatient and love constantly achieving something or starting new projects. They may rush into things without stopping to think, but they trust their senses and so will easily come to quick decisions. They may seem outwardly aggressive but are often somewhat insecure internally, a feeling that they may try to avoid by trying to gain authority over others. They are outstanding leaders with an independent nature. Very active and creative, they are at their best when able to tackle challenges, express new ideas, and journey into new experiences and adventures. They may get irritated easily and often need to learn patience. Their hot temper usually fizzles quickly, and they have an innate restlessness driving them to seek new ambitions.

Taurus Moon

People with their moon placement in Taurus may be emotionally attracted to comfort and security. They like stable surroundings and can be a consistent force in other people’s lives. They appreciate the good things in life and maybe sentimental about possessions. They are stubborn but also loyal and develop lasting friendships and relationships. They like to think before they act and may weigh all the options before coming to a decision. They have a need for reliable routines and tend to be organized and patient. They may seem detached from others or be resistant to change. They are adept at giving reassurance to those around them and love to share the pleasures of life. It may be difficult for them to ask for help, and they can sometimes be narrow-minded and stuck to conventional ways of thinking. They are sensual and are often fond of music, good food, and pleasurable experiences.

Gemini Moon

Those with their moon in Gemini tend to be energetic and imaginative. Their emotions may shift quickly as their mind is easily changeable. This can sometimes cause confusion over how they really feel. Not one to dwell on the past; they are more interested in the here and now. They can form deep connections quickly with others and can easily win over a crowd with their enthusiasm and love of excitement. This moon sign is very observant and adaptable but can sometimes react too quickly. They need variety and may crave doing several things at once. They are always in search of something new, and the need for mental stimulation can make their lives busy and even chaotic. They often avoid commitment and might hide their true feelings to please others. 

moon sign symbols of cancer, leo, virgo

Cancer Moon

This moon placement tends toward being very sensitive and intuitive. They care deeply for others, and being accepted by those around them is important for them to feel complete. They may have difficulties taking action and often hide their true feelings as a way to avoid conflict. They are very sentimental and sympathetic, with a special love for home and family. They are very attentive to others but may need to learn to set boundaries to avoid being overly influenced by others’ emotions. They are creative and dramatic and may have a natural talent for acting or possess musical abilities. People with their moon in Cancer may keep things to themselves, even suppressing their own emotions but then can get frustrated when things don’t go their way. 

Leo Moon

Those with their moon in Leo are innovative and self-reliant. They have a deep well of inner strength, and this provides them with self-confidence. Knowing their own value, they tend to be brave and natural leaders with a patient side to them. They love to enjoy themselves and be the center of attention. Leo moon types may be resentful of criticism as they are emotionally attached to their ego. Sometimes they have deep-seated insecurities that are well hidden, but when threatened, may reveal a dramatic temper and a tendency to fight for what they believe in. This may result in cutting others down, and they may find it difficult to compromise. They are able to quickly evaluate other people and their motives and tend to be straightforward and honest, with a sunny disposition. They can be generously affectionate with powerful emotions that tend toward an almost aggressive attachment to their ideals, belongings, and the relationships they value.

Virgo Moon

This moon placement tends to result in people being great communicators who are generous with their time. Practical, with a fertile imagination that can see the world as it “should” be. Very detail-oriented, love to organize chaos, are generally very helpful, and may show their love in creative ways. They need to be appreciated and respond well to encouragement from others. They may appear quiet, even shy, but they are able to anticipate the needs of others and are of great service to mankind. They may tend to worry and have self-doubts about their abilities and knowledge. They have a very loud inner critic that may need to be tamed. They may be restless if things are out of order or if they are in situations they can't control. Those with a Virgo moon may tend to hold grudges, can be especially picky, and may have compulsive behaviors. Although they are the hopeless romantic type, they will often have many acquaintances and openly welcome others in and make them feel like family, 

moon sign symbols of libra, scorpio, sagittarius

Libra Moon

Those with their moon in Libra are highly perceptive, affectionate, and generally good-natured. They live for the moment and are hungry for creativity. They have a need for people to like them and tend to be charming and possibly flirtatious. They are rule breakers and are not afraid to ask tough questions or analyze difficult feelings. Sometimes they might find it challenging to figure out where they “belong,” but they can easily make others feel loved and lucky that they are connected. Great compromisers, they may focus too much energy on others, and it is important for them to develop boundaries and keep their balance within the highs and lows they may experience. Their creativity tends to be geared toward beauty and aesthetics, and they may exhibit a fondness for music and the arts. They are strong-willed, somewhat fickle, and in their need to please others, may hide their darker side to avoid conflict. Their sweet persona hides great strength, and they are able to see the beauty in life, despite the difficulties they have had to overcome.

Scorpio Moon

Those with a Scorpio moon placement are passionate and may experience intense emotions. They see deeply into other people and situations and are highly intuitive. They are very committed to what they believe in and have the courage to enact great change in the world. They love the mysterious side of life and are drawn to deep connections with people rather than surface chit-chat or casual conversation. Those with their moon in Scorpio may be impulsive and impatient, so they need to learn to cultivate restraint and patience. They can be a bit self-absorbed and may seem to lack sympathy, but this comes from being “on guard” emotionally, as they really do deeply care about others, even if they don’t show it. Their intense drive to complete projects may distract them from their relationships, and they seek profound emotional experiences with others that may make it challenging to communicate effectively over everyday matters. They tend toward possessiveness, jealousy, and brooding and often hold grudges. If they can refine their ability to tune into what others are experiencing, it can help them to get in touch with their empathy and develop the ability to express their passionate emotions in healthy ways.

Sagittarius Moon

Generous and independent, those with a Sagittarius moon placement are natural-born leaders who have a knack for helping others find their own truth. They may seem lighthearted and playful on the outside, but they are sensitive individuals with a fascination for deep philosophical topics. Fiery emotions may make them impatient and brutally honest. They may seem rude to others, but that is because they are so tapped into their own truth they don’t bother to sugarcoat things. They are very encouraging and take pleasure in the ideas and experiences of the people around them. They have a need for freedom and might be a bit restless. They have a one-track mind and will give something their full undivided attention, which can be problematic in circumstances where they need to shift gears or take a break from overanalyzing a situation.

moon sign symbols of capricorn, aquarius, pisces

Capricorn Moon

People with their moon in Capricorn are practical and determined. They are down to earth and have great leadership skills. They aren’t concerned with impressing others, but they have the ambition to succeed and are willing to put in the hard work to get there. Often blessed with a great sense of humor, they are fun to be around despite their sense of caution and responsibility. Those with a Capricorn moon placement may not seem emotional and can come off as critical, but they have a great loyalty for others. They have innate common sense and are willing to admit when they have done something wrong. They have great instincts and a quick mind but may tend toward being antagonistic. Often seemingly somewhat cold and reserved, they may need to develop warmth and tenderness. They see their relationships as partnerships and may approach them with transaction-like expectations. Emotionally, they may dwell on things and tend to get the blues, so they might need to learn to find joy in everyday activities and make time for leisure.

Aquarius Moon

This moon sign shows up in people as a kind of eccentric friendliness. Emotionally independent, with strong ideals, big goals, and an innovative approach to life. They may be drawn to humanitarian efforts or political movements, but on a personal level, they need their space, and they may avoid intimacy. They are curious and may be inclined to search for spiritual enlightenment. With abundant creative and emotional energy, they may need to protect themselves from overwhelming their nervous system or taking on too much at once. They might seem emotionally detached from others but still try to please everyone, feeling lost if they are unable to do so. They make great companions if they can learn to understand the emotional needs of others. They are inventive and love to stand out from the crowd. Although broad-minded, they may be judgemental toward others because of their high ideals. The need to invoke change in the world may cause frustration in personal relationships if they do not learn to accept others as they are and refrain from pointing out other people’s mistakes. 

Pisces Moon

Those with their moon in Pisces tend to be empathetic and reassuring to those around them. They are tuned into the emotions of the people in their life and are understanding of the perspectives of others. They often tend to ignore other people’s shortcomings and will need to learn to protect themselves from those who may take advantage of their good nature. Emotions tend to rise to the surface, and they can be easily hurt by others because of their sensitive feelings. They have a dreamy, sometimes unrealistic view of life and can get easily discouraged if things don’t work out the way they imagined. They have a need to feel sheltered and protected, and with their intense emotions, they need ample time to rest. This moon sign shows tremendous compassion but needs to learn to have caution and to let others earn their trust. They are sometimes undependable as they change their mind so often and may have difficulty seeing clearly through their intense emotions. They do well in harmonious environments but need to learn to adapt to less ideal situations and find positive ways to work through their emotions.

Waking up to Wellness

While astrology won't give you all the answers you may be seeking, it can be a guiding force in your life. It can be like a road map to help you navigate your own personal journey. Knowing your astrological placements is like taking a peek inside yourself and discovering why you respond to various situations in certain ways or why you are drawn to particular people or experiences. At Live Conscious®, we believe in creating your own destiny, but it's inspiring to see the cosmic forces at play. No one can tell you your fate, but sometimes it is encouraging to have insight into why we are the way we are or to gain perspective if we feel empowered to change the direction of our life path.