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Easing the Transition: Herbs and Supplements for Perimenopause Symptoms


That time of life is here: the change. For most women, it comes along before they are ready, and it can bring unexpected complications that can make it difficult to stay balanced. Everyone’s perimenopause journey brings unique challenges, and we all need some extra support during this time. 

While this topic is often considered taboo, we want to open up the conversations that are so vital to women’s health and make it okay to ask questions and explore different solutions. So, let’s talk about perimenopause.

Changing the Perimenopause Narrative

Since we live in a society that idolizes youth, watching ourselves get older can sometimes be upsetting. Yet growing older truly is a gift, and we must remember that if we are blessed to live a long life, we should live it to the fullest. Take this time to let go of regrets and reaffirm your purpose in life, whatever that may be for you.

Many women who have gone through perimenopause say they are more focused on their own needs, less afraid to speak up, and that this time comes with a certain sense of clarity and self-actualization.

This is a precious time. Revel in it.

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Understanding Perimenopause

It’s important to remember that perimenopause is a normal part of life. It is not a disease or a disorder but the natural progression of growing older and wiser. Rather than try to turn back the clock, the goal should be to provide our body and mind with a balanced support system to protect our physical and mental health throughout this transition.

Each of us will have our own perimenopause struggles, but many women seek out herbs, supplements, and lifestyle changes to help with;

managing stress & tension
♦ supporting sleep
♦ maintaining emotional stability
♦ promoting mental focus, energy, and vitality
♦ encouraging a healthy libido

Common Perimenopausal Complaints

The hormonal changes that come along with perimenopause can affect our mental well-being and have effects on our physical health in many ways. Because it is often not talked about, many women do not even realize they are going through it and may be surprised that so many symptoms can be caused by hormonal changes.

While these symptoms are typical and considered normal, it’s still important to meet with a doctor to rule out other causes and to explore your options, especially if you are struggling physically or emotionally. 

Signs perimenopause has begun include changes in:

♦ Menstrual cycle length (usually 1-4 days shorter due to changes in the follicular phase)
♦ Length of bleeding time
♦ Period heaviness and bleeding patterns
♦ Ovulation patterns (this may go unnoticed unless you are monitoring your ovulation)

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Common symptoms of perimenopause include:

♦ Night sweats and hot flashes
♦ Mood changes
♦ Sleep issues
♦ Bloating and fluid retention
Weight fluctuations
♦ Hormonal blemishes and non-cystic acne
♦ Breast tenderness
♦ Fatigue
♦ Libido inconsistencies
♦ Bladder changes
♦ Blood sugar fluctuations
♦ Memory issues
♦ Body odor changes
Phantom periods
♦ Difficulties with stress management

The Live Conscious® Path to Hormonal Balance

There are so many options out there for hormonal support that it can be overwhelming and confusing to figure out where to start. And while everyone is different, there are key nutritional and herbal components that provide exceptional support for perimenopausal symptoms.

But here’s the catch. You’ve got to be consistent. 

Although most people can feel the benefits right away, many supplements take around 60-90 days for you to feel the full effects. So take the leap toward balance and commit to revitalizing your mind and body as you transition.

Live Conscious® products for foundational hormonal support:

Beyond Hormone™: Promotes estrogen equilibrium and supports weight management, libido, mood stability, mental clarity, and overall hormonal balance. 

MagWell®: Supports the production of healthy hormones by reducing stress and promoting quality sleep, all while maintaining bone health and a healthy blood sugar balance. 

ZenWell®: Supports calm energy, overall vitality, and mood balance to encourage healthy libido, while reducing physical and emotional stress.

Each one of these provides a whole list of health benefits, but when taken together, they are even more effective. We know you will feel a difference and that they will help you embrace a smoother journey.

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Common Herbs and Supplements for Perimenopause Support

Everyone experiences this time in their life differently and may need unique support. Not every herb or supplement is right for everyone, so be sure to check with your doctor before starting anything new, especially if you have a medical condition or are on medications.

While supplements can be powerful, don’t underestimate the impact your lifestyle has on how you experience this time of change. Make sure you are nourishing your body with a healthful diet, take time out for self-care, and go easy on yourself if you can’t juggle all the normal activities. 

Herbs and supplements for general perimenopause support:

Maca root
♦ Red clover
♦ Hops
♦ Sage
♦ Dong quai
Chaste tree berry
♦ Evening primrose oil
♦ Fennel seed
♦ Fenugreek
Omega 3 fatty acids
♦ Ginger
♦ Peony root
♦ Soy
DIM (diindolylmethane)

Herbs and supplements for blood sugar and weight management:

Myo inositol
D-chiro inositol
♦ Nigella sativa
♦ Bitter melon
♦ Fenugreek
♦ Prickly pear cactus
♦ Cinnamon
♦ Alpha-lipoic acid
♦ Fiber

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Herbs and supplements for sleep support and relaxation:

♦ Valerian root
♦ California poppy
♦ L-theanine
♦ Apigenin
Reishi mushroom
♦ Skullcap
♦ Motherwort
♦ Passionflower
♦ Lavender 
♦ Catnip
♦ Chamomile
♦ Melatonin

Herbs and supplements for memory and focus:

Functional mushrooms, especially lion’s mane and cordyceps
♦ B vitamins, especially B12
♦ Gotu kola
Vitamin D3
♦ Bacopa
♦ Rosemary
Omega 3 fatty acids

Herbs and supplements for mood support:

♦ B vitamins, especially B6 & B9 (folate)
♦ Ginkgo
Reishi mushroom
♦ Vervain
♦ Chamomile
♦ Linden
♦ Milky oats
♦ Zinc

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Herbs and supplements for libido support:

♦ Damiana
♦ Milky Oats
♦ Shatavari
Maca root
♦ Fenugreek
♦ Saw palmetto
♦ Schisandra
♦ Vitamin E
♦ Zinc
♦ L-arginine

Herbs and supplements for energy support:

Matcha/green tea
♦ Eleuthero
♦ Schisandra 
Vitamin D3

Your Partner in Balance: Beyond Hormone

Our premium women’s health formula, Beyond Hormone, is inspired by nature and formulated using the latest scientific research. It provides you with a simple option that covers a wide range of benefits for the female endocrine system

Beyond Hormone offers a holistic and sustainable path to hormonal equilibrium, allowing you the freedom to gracefully balance and savor the moments that matter the most.

Live Conscious Beyond Hormone bottle with capsules next to it on a kitchen counter

We’ve consciously crafted Beyond Hormone with meaningful dosages of:

♦ Myo and D-chiro inositol
♦ Berberine
♦ DIM (Diindolylmethane)
♦ Maca root
♦ Chaste tree berry 
♦ Vitamin B6
♦ Folate

For an even more effective strategy, combine Beyond Hormone with MagWell® or ZenWell®, or take all three for well-rounded support that covers your many needs throughout perimenopause.

Final Thoughts

With the right support, you can find equilibrium again. Perimenopause is a whirlwind, and Live Conscious® is your partner in balance. We can help you navigate the twists and turns of perimenopause with greater ease and resilience. Remember that there is nothing permanent except change. This is just one more step on your wellness journey. Beyond Hormone can help you harmonize your hormones so you can focus on the important things and find your way through life’s challenges with grace and balance.