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Celebrate Earth Day With Live Conscious®


Earth Day is something we love to celebrate here at Live Conscious®. We are committed to Earth-friendly packaging as well as sourcing our hand-selected ingredients as sustainably as possible. Beyond that, we have partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects, and we have a goal of 1 million trees being planted!!! 

So far, we have donated enough for 264,509 trees to be planted through this partnership. That's a lot of trees! Of course, more is needed, but that is enough to make quite an impact on our world. It can be easy to forget that we actually depend on trees for our survival in our busy, day-to-day life. What we would do without them is a question we don’t want to have to find an answer for. 

So this Earth Day, hug a tree and give thanks for all they do for us!

About the Eden Reforestation Project

“It takes a village to plant a forest.” -Eden Projects

This non-profit organization supports communities worldwide by offering training and employment opportunities for locals to be involved in planting and growing trees. They operate in places facing economic and environmental issues that result from deforestation. Eden gives these communities the skills, supplies, and financing to make the regions around them alive with fast-growing, high canopy trees. These trees have a domino effect of goodness on the landscape by creating habitat for other plant and animal species, helping to retain water, accumulate nutrients in the soil, and reduce erosion. 

We give to them so they can give back to the world.

Eden Reforestation Projects: it takes a village to raise a forest

About Earth Day

An entire day to celebrate the earth and commit to making it a better place!

Earth Day was started in 1970. The very first Earth Day was created by a U.S. senator named Gaylord Nelson, who organized activists in colleges around the country to hold “teach-ins” focused on the environment. These informal discussions were a common practice back then to share ideas, discuss political perspectives, and open people’s minds to new ways of thinking. The idea was triggered by a huge oil spill in 1969 off the coast of Santa Barbara, California. Senator Nelson was fed up with the lack of action from his co-senators, so he thought up a way to start an entire movement. 

Teach-ins, protests, and demonstrations turned into organized efforts to make an impact. The cause brought together like-minded groups (from both political parties) and was instrumental in passing legislation to protect the earth’s resources, such as the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and the Endangered Species Act.

In the years that followed, Earth Day became a worldwide effort and now is honored by over a billion people every year, possibly being the largest non-religious day of observance there is.

What You Can Do

There is so much we can be doing every day to support the health of the environment, but maybe to recognize Earth Day this year, you can do something extra special. Here are a few ideas…

♦ Plant a tree!

♦ Donate, participate, or sign petitions for causes you believe in.

♦ Give up plastic, even if it’s just for a certain amount of time.

♦ Clean up wild places. Go pick up trash (wear gloves!) somewhere and make it even more beautiful.

♦ Plant some flowers for local pollinators and honeybees.

♦ Start a food garden with easy-to-grow plants like lettuce, kale, and kitchen herbs.

♦ Be in nature! Go for a walk, a hike, or just lay on the grass and let your appreciation for our beautiful world grow!

♦ Volunteer. Find a local organization you believe in and help them out!

Woman composting at home

Everyday Habits

The little things all add up! Set yourself up for daily habits that benefit the environment and reduce the strain on natural resources.

♦ Reduce or eliminate single. Use plastic from your life (plastic utensils, straws, bags, etc.)

♦ Use less electricity. Turn off the lights when you aren’t using them, unplug devices that continue to suck up energy, change out your light bulbs, etc.

♦ Get water-wise! Grow food instead of a lawn, use your dish water to water your plants, shower quickly, run your dishwasher only when it's full, etc.

♦ Learn to compost. Turn that food waste into nutrients for your garden.

♦ Pull your weeds instead of spraying them with chemicals.

♦ Switch to a reusable water bottle, travel coffee cup, stainless steel straw, etc. 

♦ Walk or ride your bike where you need to go (if possible).

♦ Learn about recycling in your area. Make sure what you are putting in your recycling bin can actually be recycled at your waste disposal facilities.

♦ Use fewer chemicals in your home. Seek out eco-cleaning products or make your own.

♦ Bring bags with you to reuse at the grocery store.

♦ Learn about E-waste. Start collecting it and find where you can safely dispose of it.

Mend your clothes instead of buying new ones!

♦ Protect the waterways. Be careful about what you are putting down the drain. Properly dispose of prescriptions, paint, cleaning chemicals, and avoid “flushable” wipes. 

Mending kit

Purchasing Power

Not that you need to go out and buy anything, but if you do, choose wisely! In fact, simply purchasing less is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. When you do buy things, try putting your money toward products and businesses that align with your goals of making the earth a better place.

♦ Support local farmers and businesses.

♦ Buy reusable products.

♦ Eat at restaurants that use locally grown and organic foods.

♦ Support businesses that use recycled or repurposed materials.

♦ Buy products with fewer chemicals, such as cleaning supplies, soap, shampoo, lotion, laundry, and dish detergent.

♦ Buy biodegradable and/or compostable products and support companies that use these for their packaging.

Cool Stuff We Love!

Start searching for eco-friendly products that will help you avoid waste and reduce the amount of plastic and chemicals put out into the environment. There are so many options available, and here are just a few.

Window Solar Charger: Charge your devices with the power of the sun

Lomi Kitchen Composter: For quick, no mess, no smells kitchen composting

Skoycloth: Reusable cleaning gear

Blueland: Cleaning and soap tablets with reusable bottles-just add water!

Bite Toothpaste Bits: Waste-free toothpaste options

Life Without Plastic: A whole selection of plastic-free alternatives

Back Beat: Low impact clothing made with recycled or sustainably farmed fabrics

The Good Tee: Fair trade and sustainable clothing

TerraCycle: Zero waste recycling program that comes to you

Unpaper Towels: Swap those paper towels with washable, reusable options!

Happy Earth Day


Although these organizations don’t specifically reflect the views of Live Conscious®, they all do some great things and are worth checking into. Find the organizations that align with your goals and maybe let them inspire you to do great things for our environment.



A Growing Culture

Fashion Revolution


Intersectional Environmentalist

National Resources Defense Council

American Forests

Indigenous Climate Action

The Nature Conservancy

Earth Guardians

Wildlife Conservation Society

Climate Justice Alliance

EarthDay.Org: This organization has a lot of ways you can get involved with programs such as:

The Canopy Project 

The Great Global Cleanup® 

Artists for the Earth

Fashion for the Earth

Global Earth Challenge™

Foodprints for the Future

Our Brand Mission and Future Goals

At Live Conscious®, we are always looking for ways to better our relationship with the world around us. We are committed to shifting toward a more sustainable future and even aim to go carbon neutral in the near future. This is a huge undertaking but speaks to the values of our brand and the impacts we are striving for.

Our mission is rooted in investing in the wellbeing of our bodies, minds, spirits, and communities. By restoring global forests and reducing poverty, we dedicate ourselves to the health of inner and outer nature—creating space for prosperity today and future generations alike.

Waking up to Wellness

Every day should be Earth Day! Taking small steps toward reducing your carbon footprint and household waste can add up to big changes. Most of all, being a good example to those around us and influencing the choices of others can be really powerful. 

Each one of us can make a difference. It’s not all doom and gloom, but our Earth needs us to step up and take action! Planting trees is an incredibly important way to improve the health of the environment, and we are proud to support those efforts. Wellness relies on our connection with the outside world, and every little action reflects that relationship. What you choose on a daily basis will determine how you interact with the world around you and the long-term effects you will leave behind.