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10 Years Strong: Celebrating a Decade of Conscious Living


Live Conscious® is turning 10 years old! As many of us do on a milestone birthday, we look back on the past decade, seeing how far we have come and how much we have learned along the way. This journey has not always been easy, but the wisdom we’ve gained is precious, and we wouldn’t change a thing. 

As we celebrate 10 years of wellness innovations and reaffirm our devotion to a conscious lifestyle, we set our intention on bringing something really special into the world. These five new products are the result of our effort to offer even more consciously crafted solutions that can bring you elevated health. 

Just as growing older is a gift, growing as a company has been an incredible and rewarding adventure. We hope you will join us as we embark on the next phase of well-being. Here’s to many more decades on this journey!

Woman holding a bottle of Live Conscious Beyond Hormone in a sunny kitchen

Beyond Hormone™

Get to know our premium women’s health formula. Achieve inner balance and hormonal equilibrium with a comprehensive blend that provides daily mood and monthly cycle support throughout all stages of life.

♦ Promotes ovarian health and regular cycles
♦ Supports consistent energy
♦ Helps with mood and mental balance

Is Beyond Hormone™ Right For You?

♦ Are you looking to keep your estrogen and progesterone levels in balance?
♦ Do you want to reduce common symptoms related to perimenopause or menopause?
♦ Are you struggling with typical menstrual cycle issues?
♦ Do you experience occasional mood swings associated with hormonal fluctuations?
♦ Would you like to find a solution to help manage daily stress levels? 

Why Choose Beyond Hormone™?

Complex Formula: Beyond Hormone™ has been scientifically formulated and features cutting-edge ingredients such as myo and D-chiro inositol, berberine extract, and DIM.  Along with essential nutrients, folate, and vitamin B6, this powerful combination provides a strong foundation for your body to maintain hormonal balance.

Traditional Herbs: Maca root and chaste tree berries have been used in herbal traditions around the world for their hormonal and reproductive system benefits. They nourish the hormonal systems and help the body support endocrine function. 

Synergistic Support: Balanced hormones affect not only your body but also your mind. Maintaining endocrine equilibrium can help keep your moods steady and strengthen your resilience to daily stress.

Find your inner balance with Beyond Hormone™.

Live Conscious Lion's Mane + Mushroom Blend sitting on a counter with people in the background

Lion’s Mane + Mushroom Blend 

Ignite mental focus, reduce everyday stress, and supercharge whole body health with our functional fungi fusion of lion’s mane and an Advanced Adaptogen Complex.

♦ Sharpens focus and supports memory
♦ Reinforces a healthy gut microbiome
♦ Nourishes immunity and whole body health

Is Lion’s Mane + Mushroom Blend Right For You?

♦ Do you need a little extra help to get going in the morning?
♦ Are you looking for something to help enhance your focus and concentration?
♦ Are you trying to avoid the afternoon slump but don’t want to turn to more caffeine?
♦ Are you looking for ways you can empower your immune system on a daily basis?
♦ Does your gut need a little extra love?

Why Lion’s Mane + Mushroom Blend?

Effective Cognitive and Nervous System Support: With 1100 mg of lion’s mane mushroom in every serving, we’ve formulated this product with effectiveness in mind. This potent dose will nourish and protect the nervous system while supporting brain activity. 

100% Fruiting Bodies: Our premium blend is made with the potent fruiting bodies of functional mushrooms and no myceliated grain fillers or unnecessary additives.

Functional Fungi Fusion: With our Advanced Adaptogen Complex, we’ve added select functional mushrooms to support the unique benefits of lion’s mane and offer a wide range of health benefits. This powerful combination of reishi, cordyceps, and turkey tail helps you adapt to daily stress, strengthen immune resilience, and keep your gut microbiome in good health. 

Invigorate your mind and body with Lion’s Mane + Mushroom Blend.

Live Conscious Colostrum sitting on a log in a field

Live Conscious® Colostrum

Fortify your immune system and strengthen your microbiome with bovine colostrum, a potent source of immunoglobulin G (IgG) and other nutrients for immune and gut microbiome health. 

♦ Supports gut health and intestinal wall strength
♦ Revitalizes overall wellness
♦ Reinforces immune defenses

Is Live Conscious® Colostrum Right For You?

♦ Are you interested in nourishing whole body health with powerful nutritional compounds?
♦ Are you looking for ways to support your immune system to protect yourself against seasonal and everyday threats?
♦ Are you trying to keep your gut healthy and your intestinal lining strong?
♦ Would you like a daily source of prebiotics that you can mix into water, smoothies, or other drinks?

Why Live Conscious® Colostrum?

Pure & Potent: We don’t add any additives or fillers to our 100% pure bovine colostrum. With a 2000 mg dose, you are getting the maximum benefits that high-quality colostrum can provide.

Immune Nourishment & Regulation: Our colostrum is packed with nutrients and other building blocks that directly support the immune system, including glycoproteins and lysozyme, which play an important role in protective immune activity.

Gut-Skin Axis Support: Colostrum helps to keep your gut healthy and your skin nourished. By soothing and supporting the lining of the digestive system, the gut-skin axis is strengthened so your skin can stay clear and youthful from the support of the gut microbiome.

Nourish immunity & gut health with Live Conscious® Colostrum.

 Live Conscious Peach Mango Peptides on a kitchen countertop with a peach and a glass of Peach Mango Collagen Peptides

Live Conscious® Peach Mango Collagen Peptides

Invigorate your hair, skin, nails, and joint health with a burst of sweet wellness. Get all the benefits of our beloved collagen peptides with a new peach and mango twist.

♦ Glowing support for skin, hair, and nails
♦ Provides 19 diverse amino acids
♦ Restores beauty and body balance

Are Live Conscious® Peach Mango Collagen Peptides Right for You?

♦ Are you looking for a tasty way to nourish your skin, hair, and nails?
♦ Could your joints use some added comfort?
♦ Would you love to have a simplified collagen routine? 
♦ Would you love to be able to add your collagen straight to your water bottle on your way out of the door?
♦ Do you love water enhancers and flavored drinks?

Why Live Conscious® Peach Mango Collagen Peptides?

A Brand You Can Trust: We’ve got over 64,000 four and five-star reviews from happy customers who love our Collagen Peptides. Get the same effectiveness with a delicious, thirst-quenching flavor. 

Easy to Use: Simply mix into water or get creative and add to a tropical smoothie, a delightful mocktail, or refreshing popsicles!

Hydrolyzed for Digestibility: Our collagen peptides are enzymatically formulated for smooth digestion and enhanced bioavailability. 

Enjoy a sweet squeeze of wellness with our Peach Mango Collagen Peptides.

Live Conscious Chocolate Peptides with a plate of chocolate cookies

Live Conscious® Chocolate Collagen Peptides 

Promote exquisite beauty, inside and out, with the sweetness of our newest collagen peptides. The formula you trust with a new decadent flavor. 

♦ Promotes skin elasticity and hair strength
♦ Reduces occasional joint discomfort
♦ Grass-fed and pasture-raised

Are Live Conscious® Chocolate Collagen Peptides Right for You?

♦ Do you love chocolate?
♦ Do you have a bit of a sweet tooth?
♦ Are you interested in nourishing your skin to promote elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines?
♦ Would you like to reduce the everyday shedding of your hair to maintain thickness and luster?
♦ Do you like to have different flavor options in your life?

Why Live Conscious® Chocolate Collagen Peptides?

Because…. Chocolate: Enough said! If you are a chocolate lover, this one’s for you! You can also add this to a variety of chocolate-infused recipes!

Dissolves Easily: You can stir this right into your morning coffee or add it to hot or cold water for an instant treat that nourishes your beauty from the inside out.

Combats Typical Signs of Aging: Consistent use of collagen peptides can help you retain your youthful glow and keep joints moving smoothly. 

Find out how wonderful wellness can taste with our Live Conscious® Chocolate Collagen Peptides.

Final Thoughts

We know you will love our newest creations, and they will become a treasured part of your wellness journey. These exciting offerings result from 10 incredible years of experience in the wellness industry. When we see a need, we strive to provide simple solutions to incorporate into our daily lives. 

While we don’t claim to know it all, we do provide tried and true products inspired by science and validated by the experience of hundreds of thousands of happy customers, each on their own wellness journey. Our formulas are created with intention and reflect the wisdom gained over the last 10 years we have spent doing our part to make the world a better and healthier place.