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9 Signs of a Spiritual Awakening: Becoming Part of Something Bigger


If you’re suddenly questioning yourself and wondering why you do the things you do and where you’re going in your life, you might be having a spiritual awakening. It can feel very much like existential angst, but instead of having a negative impact on your life, it’s extremely positive.

Becoming spiritually awake is like stepping outside of yourself and your ego and really seeing the world around you and how you fit into it. It’s a beautiful thing to realize you’re a part of something so big and dynamic, but it can also be pretty humbling. 

What Is Spiritual Awakening?

Think of it as a moment in time when you stop taking selfies and instead, take in the scenery. Let yourself get swept up in the views, the energy, the vibration of the world, and let go of the constant need to get “likes.” It can be a miraculous, life-changing experience.

Spiritual awakening is a little like a paradigm shift in a sci-fi movie. Nothing really happens; it’s not like waking up from being asleep. It’s just that you begin to see the world in a different way. 

You understand that while you are an individual, you’re also part of the crowd of people around you. Metaphorically speaking, you are the wave, and you are also the ocean.

Message from the Universe

An awakening should not be confused with enlightenment. Enlightenment is a sense of knowledge of the universe or an additional bit of wisdom. Awakening is actually the feeling of a loss of self and a greater sense of belonging and connectedness. 

Signs of Spiritual Awakening

If you think you’re becoming more attuned to the world around you and trying to find your place in it, or if you’d like to try to funnel your energies into a spiritually awakened lifestyle, these steps pave the way. 

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1. Noticing

This is the part that can feel like a flash of understanding or awareness. It can cause both good and bad feelings, depending on what you’re noticing. 

You know how sometimes you’re on autopilot when you drive to work or walk to class, and when you get there, you don’t even remember the journey? We often do that in our lives; we do things just because that’s what we do. When you begin noticing this, you start seeing the world in a different way. 

Usually, when you have this moment of noticing, you’re suddenly aware of the present moment, even if it’s incredibly insignificant, and you want to make a change. 

Ascendance through meditation

2. Connectedness

A big part of a spiritual awakening is letting go of the idea that the world centers around you, and instead, seeing yourself as a small, but important, part of the universe. Instead of expecting people to do things for you, you now want to do things to help others, your community, the environment, and more.

This is a big step toward living your best life and being authentic. The exciting thing is it has waves of repercussions as you do good, people see you differently, and you see the world differently. You become more accepting of other cultures and beliefs, and you begin to discover self-love.

3. Letting Go

As you become more connected to the world around you and find your place in it, you may discover that the way you’ve previously defined yourself no longer fits. 

Were you pushed to be the smartest or most attractive one in your group? If you achieved that, then that’s how you defined yourself but is that really who you are? 

You’re a lot more than a GPA or a trendsetter. These things may still be a part of you, but they don’t define you.

4. Inner Peace

When you see yourself as the wave and the ocean, a person among a community, it can be very eye-opening. Likewise, when you see yourself as a whole person with a lot of different traits, you begin to see the true you. You have flaws, you have gifts, you make mistakes, and you do incredible things. 

Meditating woman

Inner peace comes from knowing that there’s a harmony to life and within you. You’re always moving forward, sometimes it’s a little difficult, but with inner peace, you can manage.

5. Manifestation 

When you’re attuned to your intuition and aware of the harmony around you, you are better able to manifest the things you want and need. It sounds a little like wish-making, but it’s not. 

Having a vision and a desire to do something is one thing, but when you’re actively working toward that goal, it’s another. Having a belief that the things you want are already yours further cements your place in the world around you.

6. Empathy and Compassion

Being a part of a whole also means acknowledging others. Once you see that you’re just a part of something larger, your eyes open to the importance of others, and you begin to develop empathy for them and eventually compassion. 

Self-compassion also comes out of your sense of belonging and acceptance. You’ll discover that you can forgive yourself and even love your flaws.

7. Removing Fear of Death

All fear is lessened, it may not totally be removed, as you become more awakened. When living in the present and being a part of something is your focus, you spend less time dwelling on what might or will happen. You’ll be able to take comfort in knowing that the cycle continues.

8. Greater Authenticity

It’s interesting how the shift from thinking everyone should cater to you, to instead, a world view that includes you as a part of a whole, can make you feel more valuable. You realize your genuine and authentic self has meaning and value. You also begin to see rewards for being more authentic.

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9. Flourishing

The final and most rewarding part of a spiritual awakening is the consistent level of happiness and acceptance you feel. Even if something bad happens, you know that you will overcome it. 

You’ll begin to see things fall into place around you. There is a mind-body connection and an individual-group connection that is very positive when you’re working within it and not against it.

Waking Up To Wellness

Achieving spiritual awakening may be your "goal" — but it’s not a one-and-done, checklist process. You may find that parts of moving along the path are challenging and you must keep coming back to the present, checking in on your progress.

On the opposite side, you may find parts of your journey incredibly easy and intuitive. Go with the flow, forgive yourself if you need to reset and accept the here and now.

Finding peace within yourself and within the world around takes effort and patience. It’s a balance, and you're already on your way.