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9 Natural, Easy Tips for the Healthy Hair You Love


Everyone wants healthier, thicker hair. It’s a sign of good overall health, and it can make you look younger and more vibrant. Here are a few tips and tricks you can use if you’re looking to get a more youthful, thicker crop of hair.

Get a Trim Regularly

It might seem counterintuitive, but it’s important to trim your hair regularly if you want it to continue to grow in a healthy way. Neglecting to trim your hair can cause split ends and can cause your hair to fray, which may lead to long term damage. Trimming your hair makes sure the pattern of regular hair growth is not disrupted.

Even if you want to grow your hair out to a very long length, you should still get it trimmed from time to time so you avoid damaging it in the long run.

Remember It Takes Time

Have patience when it comes to growing out your hair. Whether you’re trying to restore your hair, or just growing it out to a new length for the first time, it’s important to remember that it won’t happen overnight. You need to give your hair months sometimes in order to grow to the desired length or thickness you’re looking for.

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It can be a slow process, but if you have patience and continue to go about a healthy hair routine daily, you’ll see the results you’re looking for eventually.

Don’t Shampoo Every Day

You might think that washing your hair every day would be good for it, but you’d be wrong. Even though hair does collect oil throughout the day, your hair actually needs some of this oil to function properly. When you wash your hair too frequently, you can actually dry out the pores on your scalp, which can cause damage to both your skin and your hair.

Using your body’s natural oils as protection is what your hair is designed to do. When you interrupt this pattern by washing and “cleaning” the oil off your scalp and hair, you disrupt your hair’s ability to protect itself from damage. This leaves your hair vulnerable to thinning, split ends, and other issues.

Conditioner After Shampoo

Shampoo on its own isn’t quite enough to give your hair the full protective health benefits it needs to avoid damage. For that, you’ll want to add a conditioner to your routine.

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Conditioner helps keep your hair smooth and gives it a nice shine. It does this by providing additional oils and proteins that your hair needs to thrive in a healthy way. Because shampoo can wash away some of these oils and proteins, it’s important to replenish them with conditioner. Plus, conditioner can make it easier to style your hair, which is just another reason you should be using it in your showers regularly.

Apply Oil Treatments Regularly

As we’ve mentioned already, the oils in your hair are essential to your hair’s health. For this reason, a regular oil treatment or mask could be helpful in protecting your hair from damage. This technique is rising in popularity, and it involves applying the oil directly to the hair before you shampoo.

Many celebrities and popular figures have begun adopting this practice, and it’s worth considering if you’re looking to give your hair extra shine and an added youthful glow.

Rinse Your Hair with Cold Water 

While hot water may be more comfortable when you’re in the shower, it can actually be damaging in many ways, and one of these is your hair health. Performing a quick cold water rinse at the end of a hot shower can help your pores close up, which can keep dirt and bacteria away.

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This in turn can do wonders for your hair, as it helps prevent damage from the follicle up. Many types of hair damage occur at the skin level, and rinsing your scalp with cold water is a healthy way to protect it.

Don’t Brush Your Hair Too Often

You may be tempted to brush your hair multiple times a day because you think you’re smoothing it out and getting rid of knots and tangles. But the truth is, brushing your hair too frequently can cause serious damage. When you brush your hair, you tug and pull at it, which can damage your scalp and also put unneeded wear and tear on the hair itself.

This can cause your hair to get thinner or even fall out, so if your goal is to have longer, thicker hair, too much brushing can really sabotage your efforts.

Avoid Cotton Pillowcases

Believe it or not, cotton is one of the worst fabrics for your hair when you sleep. That’s because cotton is rougher than satin or silk, and it can cause your hair to get caught in it. You may have noticed you wake up with a lot of tangles in your hair, and cotton pillowcases are a key culprit of this.

Man changing pillowcase

To avoid those messy tangles, which can pull and tug at your hair and cause damage, consider a material softer than cotton when looking for pillowcases.

Consider a Supplement

If you’re not sure where to start, one of the best ways to improve hair health is by ensuring you have enough collagen. Collagen Peptides by Live Conscious is a great option that delivers all the ingredients you need.

Unlike surface-level solutions, taking a hair health supplement can help protect your hair health at the root of the problem, so you should consider adding one to your routine if other methods have had limited success for you.

Waking Up To Wellness

Your hair is one of the first things people notice about you, so it’s important to make sure you take steps to protect the health of your hair. Following some of these tips and tricks will help keep you on the right track to thicker, healthier locks.