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Nurture with Nature: Reconnecting with the Earth for Mind-Body Wellness


If you are looking for a way to reduce stress and uplift your mood, try stepping outside. Spending time in nature is the perfect remedy for our fast-paced, technology-filled, modern lifestyles.

Getting a daily dose of sunshine, walking barefoot in the grass, or watching the clouds float by can help you reset and reconnect. This Earth Day (and every day!), let the beauty of the natural world fill you with wonder and enhance your well-being.

Benefits of Connecting with Nature

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that we are part of nature, and it’s common to feel disconnected from it as we go about our lives. These days, humans spend more time indoors than ever, surrounded by technology and away from the ecosystems that our bodies and brains are adapted to.

Let’s get back to nature!

Spending time in nature has extensive benefits for your health, including;

♦ Reducing stress: Even just 20 minutes spent with nature can help to keep cortisol levels (the stress hormone) in healthy ranges. 

♦ Improving mood stability and emotional well-being: Nature connection is a powerful way to uplift your mental state and reduce overwhelming feelings. Plants and trees can make you happier!

♦ Enhancing cognitive health and problem-solving skills: Students exposed to nature perform better on cognitive tests, demonstrate elevated critical thinking skills, and are less prone to mental fatigue from attention-draining tasks. 

♦ Promoting protective immune functions: Spending a few days in a forest has been shown to promote the activity of natural killer cells, which are vital to protecting your body from environmental threats. 

♦ Improving overall wellness: The stress-reducing qualities of nature support healthy blood pressure levels and circulation, help relax muscle tension, support quality sleep, and promote all-over feel-good vibes.

Woman leaning up against a tree looking peaceful

The Science Behind Nature-Based Therapies

Immersing yourself in nature triggers changes in the brain and body that improve health on many levels. Just being near plants or looking at natural beauty will enhance wellness. There is promising research being done that shines a light on what exactly is happening in our bodies when we spend time in nature.

♦ Parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS) activation: Certain activities done in nature, such as nature meditation, yoga, grounding, or stargazing, help us shift out of the fight-or-flight state and into the rest-and-digest state of the PSNS. This gives our body and mind the chance to reset and recharge.

♦ Phytoncide exposure: Trees, especially conifers such as pine and cypress, emit compounds into the air (phytoncides or terpenes) that have measurable effects on the human body, especially the immune and nervous systems. One particular compound, 3-Carene, binds to GABA receptors, having calming effects and invoking overall tranquility.

♦ Serotonin & dopamine support: Nature therapies, such as shinrin-yoku (forest bathing) or eco-therapy, help support healthy levels of feel-good neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine, having uplifting effects on your state of mind. 

♦ Clean, fresh, oxygen-rich air: With so much time spent indoors, most people can really benefit from spending time in plant-filled spaces. Trees and plants act as a filter and emit fresh air, which makes taking a deep breath even better. 

♦ Sensory soothing: The smell of the forest, the sound of the birds, the sunlight filtering through the leaves, the feel of the breeze — these sensual experiences help us unwind, tune into the present moment, and reduce typical sensory overload.

Live Conscious Beyond Brew in forest with mug of cordyceps mushrooms

Realigning with Nature

The busy pace of life can make it difficult to shift into a receptive state of mind, even when we are in natural spaces. Taking a meditative approach to your nature time will bring even more benefits into your life, deepen your awareness, and help you stay centered so that you can get the most from your experience.

Meditation is hard for some of us, and even when surrounded by natural beauty, it can be difficult to let go of the day-to-day checklist of life. To better align with the purpose of nature therapies, we have found it effective to accentuate the experience with herbs and supplements matched to the moment.

Try pairing your nature-based experiences with a gift for your body and mind.

For uplifting, invigorating effects, try:

Beyond Brew: With organic cacao and a blend of 6 different functional mushrooms, Beyond Brew is the perfect way to uplift your mind and prepare for a nature-filled journey, even if you are just stepping outside your door. 

Beyond Greens: With energizing matcha and rhodiola, Beyond Greens will help you center your attention on the beauty of nature and let go of other distractions so you can stay fully present in each mindful moment.

Lion’s Mane + Mushroom Blend: Functional mushrooms, especially lion’s mane and cordyceps, can give you an awakened state of mind and help you tune in to the world around you with increased awareness.

For relaxing, stress-reducing effects, try:

ZenWell®: Ashwagandha paired with L-theanine can encourage a meditative state of mind. This combo will help you stay open and receptive to the gifts of nature and promote full-body tranquility.

MagWell®: For mental and physical relaxation, make sure you are getting plenty of magnesium to ensure you’re giving your body and mind what they need to stay serene while enjoying the outdoors.

Woman walking on a path in a beautiful forest

Ways to Connect with Nature

Don’t overthink it! It’s okay to make small steps if that’s where you need to start. Just step outside for a few meditative moments a day and work up from there. Or dive right in and go on a retreat for a few days for a total reset! 

Outdoor Activities

♦ Hiking
♦ Gardening
♦ Camping
♦ Bird watching

Nature-Based Practices

♦ Shinrin-yoku (forest bathing)
♦ Nature meditation
♦ Outdoor yoga

Exploring Local Natural Spaces

♦ Parks
♦ Nature reserves
♦ Botanical gardens
♦ Beaches or lakesides
♦ Guided plant walks
♦ Learn about local foraging

Family Activities

♦ Learn the names of plants and flowers in the area
♦ Build a fairy garden
♦ Hunt for bugs
♦ Backyard camping
♦ Lay on a blanket and find images in the clouds as they roll by
♦ Make nature crowns
♦ Collect leaves and press them for crafts or identification

Woman laying in a field with flowers and sunshine all around

Tips for Incorporating Nature into Your Daily Life 

♦ Start small. Even a few minutes a day outside can make a big difference. Spend time outdoors during breaks or lunchtime to take nature breaks throughout the day.

♦ Set goals. Twenty minutes a day or 2 hours a week is a good foundation for keeping healthy with nature. Try to develop a consistent routine that gets you plenty of nature exposure in ways that you look forward to and enjoy.

♦ Practice being fully present. Silence your phone (and your thoughts) and practice mindfulness while outdoors. Try lying on the ground or leaning against a tree for 5-10 minutes, breathing deeply, and letting your entire body melt into the Earth, feeling completely supported. 

♦ Bring the whole family – or don’t. It’s okay if you need some “me” time and want to leave the kids at home to gain a sense of peace from the outdoors. It’s great to plan activities for the kids to make sure they are getting nature time, too, but you may want your own experiences that bring you joy.

Find alternatives if necessary. If you have limited access to natural spaces, try looking at beautiful images of forests from around the world, listening to nature sounds, and filling your surroundings with potted plants or nature-inspired decor for an at-home nature immersion experience.

♦ Get to know your locale. If you don’t live near a forest, try going to a park, the beach, a meadow, or even just sit with a tree in your neighborhood. Find a safe and comfortable place you can visit regularly for ongoing nature inspiration and wellness support.

The Gift of Trees

Have you ever looked at a majestic tree or been deep in a forest and felt a sense of awe?  Trees do wonders for our mental and physical health and are foundational to local ecosystems. At Live Conscious®, we know how important trees are to our own health and the well-being of future generations, so we have taken action to preserve and protect the future of trees.

Woman planting a tree for Eden Reforestation Projects

This Earth Day, we're excited to share a monumental achievement made possible by YOU: planting 1 million trees with Eden Reforestation Projects! This milestone celebrates what we've achieved together and the beginning of an even more impactful journey. 

When you choose to enhance your health with a Live Conscious® product, you are helping to plant a better future. As these trees mature, they provide beauty and precious oxygen, clean the air, and absorb greenhouse gasses. Just think how much a million trees can do!

Final Thoughts

There is a reason you feel at home in nature. Get back to your roots by spending time in the forest and other beautiful places. Take a much-needed break from screens and other busy activities to uplift your mind, give your senses a chance to rest, and inspire well-being through reconnecting with the Earth.