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5 Tips for Supplementing & the Value of Consistency to Your Health


How do you get healthy? That’s easy! It’s exercise, diet, and getting quality sleep. As the core components of good health, exercise, diet, and sleep all have one big thing in common: they aren’t a one-time event. It takes a routine. Looking at it from that angle, health isn’t a state of being; it’s a habit. Of course, the same applies to the supplements you take to maintain good health. Staying consistent is the key to ensuring you are living well.

How to Stay Consistent in Supplements

No matter who you are, where you are, and what you do each day, there is never a uniform consistency to life. We all go at our own pace, so it may take longer than you think to actually form a solid, new habit. There are some basic steps that we’ll get into, but the most important thing to keep in mind during your supplementation is that messing up isn’t a failure. 

We wake each morning to the promise of infinite possibilities, but that can mean an unexpected distraction just as much as a pleasant surprise. If you happen to miss a day because the cat got out, you got a phone call from Paul Rudd, or it just slipped your mind, it’s OK! Forgive yourself and move on, but don’t give up!

Here are the top tips to help you plan and maintain a good habit:

1. Don’t give up!

Yes, this was in the last paragraph too, but it bears repeating: you aren’t a failure for not being perfect. Nobody’s perfect. But at the same time, you also need to be mindful of cutting yourself too much slack. If your supplement routine is a quiz, 100% isn’t mandatory, but you should still be shooting for an A every time.

2. Add a new habit onto an existing one 

It’s hard to start from scratch, so why bother? If you need to take a supplement once, twice, or three times every day, then try attaching that to something else you do regularly. Meals are an easy place to point. Plus, taking a supplement three times daily can help you stay consistent in getting a good breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day too.

There are a million different ways you can incorporate supplements into your current routine. The strongest routine for people is generally the first thing we do after waking up. Whether you need one capsule per day or more, adding it to your morning is almost certainly the best way to keep it consistent.

3. Set an alarm

Yes, it’s simple, but it can really work. Unlike working out or taking a nap, supplementing doesn’t really take any time to do. The hardest thing to do is to remember to do it in the first place. Setting a daily alarm, especially on your phone, is one of those “so simple I didn’t even think of it” solutions to maintaining your habits.

Alarm clock with nutritional supplements

4. One habit at a time, please 

Keep your goals simple for a better chance of them sticking. It’s the classic problem with New Year’s resolutions: We want to fix all our problems at once, so we end up fixing none at all. When it comes to healthy habits, take it easy and incremental. Adding supplements to your routine isn’t something to rearrange your schedule over, but it still needs to happen every day. 

If you are trying to also start a new workout routine, diet, or something entirely unrelated, like teaching yourself the mandolin, you’re still pulling your attention and efforts in multiple directions at once. 

Give yourself a chance to succeed in one area before trying to complicate things.

5. Don’t let an empty bottle mess up your plans 

Most supplements come in a bottle containing a one-month supply, which means that you can run out quite quickly if you aren’t paying attention to how much is left. You want to get refills of your supplements before you run out. Buying in bulk can help ensure you have plenty for a long period, and it can also decrease the chances you’ll run out before realizing it. 

The simplest way to ensure you don’t run out is to start a subscription on your supplements. Like the alarm on your phone, this is a great way to have a minimal effort on your part lead to great results. Live Conscious offers subscription plans on all our products, so you can receive your next bottle(s) in the mail before you ever run out of your last one. Hassle-free is always ideal when it comes to your habits.

Receiving a box of supplements

Results You Can Count On

Why bother supplementing in the first place? Results, of course! Just like how habits don’t happen all at once, sticking to a routine will create amazing benefits that can become your new normal. In fact, it can be such a fundamental improvement that you don’t even notice it until one day when you reflect a moment and realize just how great you feel now, how great you felt yesterday, and how very likely it is that you’ll wake up tomorrow feeling the same way.

Waking Up To Welness

Staying consistent gives your body a lasting boost to your overall quality of life. Whatever the aspects of your health that you choose to optimize, Live Conscious, and our suite of scientifically backed, wholesome formulas offer the subscription and benefits you need to help you get healthier, feel healthier, and stay that way.