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How to Keep Your Morning Routine When You Ditch Coffee


Are you thinking of making the transition away from coffee and into a life less caffeinated? It’s an incredibly beneficial change to make, but the adjustment can be difficult, especially if you have spent your life perfecting the morning coffee ritual. The good news is that you can still fully enjoy your morning routine, with or without the cup of joe. We designed Beyond Brew to be a delightful, satisfying coffee replacement and a useful element to make the transition to an awakened life that doesn’t rely on over-stimulation. If you aren’t quite ready to give up those roasted beans, that’s ok too. Beyond Brew mixes seamlessly into a cup of coffee and adds an array of health benefits that will keep your day aligned with your life’s purpose while promoting wellness on a whole new level. 

Do You Like Coffee for Its Warm, Fuzzy Feeling?

Some people include coffee in their morning routine because it warms them up and gives them all kinds of feel-good feelings. The warmth, especially in fall or winter, is a pleasurable way to start the day. It’s great to slow down enough to really enjoy your morning cup and fully feel all the sensations that go along with it. This can be part of an awareness practice that can set the whole tone of your day, but it doesn’t have to be centered around coffee. Any warm beverage can induce feelings of enjoyment, although it certainly helps if it’s delicious! 

The beautiful thing about a morning drink that includes mushrooms is the way they can make you feel uplifted and calm at the same time. So, you are able to access long-lasting energy, without the typical nervous tension that follows a cup or two of coffee. Beyond Brew fulfills the need for a steamy beverage that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and with functional mushrooms in the mix, it gives you a healthy dose of antioxidants just like coffee does (although the antioxidants themselves are different).

Of course, if you still want your coffee fix but would like to access some of the healthful benefits that functional mushrooms have to offer, you can simply stir Beyond Brew right into your cup of coffee. You can even switch to decaf and add Beyond Brew and get the flavor of coffee with a fraction of the caffeine and all the health benefits of this mystical blend. 

Live Conscious Beyond Brew

Do You Use It to Wake Up in the Morning

The most common reason people reach for that cup of coffee is simply to help them get going in the morning. The rush of caffeine into the body alerts the brain and stimulates the nervous system. The over-reliance on caffeine can decrease its effectiveness over time, and there are many long-term health benefits from ditching the coffee and learning other ways to help wake yourself up in the mornings. Beyond Brew is invigorating in a whole different way and can promote energy that doesn’t leave you with the experience of feeling everyday burnout when it wears off, which often happens with coffee. 

Functional mushrooms such as lion’s mane, cordyceps, and chaga are known to have energizing qualities and can help to promote productivity and focus. They get the job done without the jitters, and without all that extra caffeine, you can still sleep soundly at night

Is Making Coffee a Part of Your Morning Routine?

For some people, it isn’t so much about the coffee itself but rather the act of making the coffee that is an important part of the morning. This widespread ritual is tied to cultural traditions around the world, all with their own unique twist on the step-by-step practice of making the perfect cup of coffee. Whether or not you have a specific tradition that inspires your coffee preparation, you can put a new spin on it with Beyond Brew. Although the preparation is quicker and simpler than your typical cup of coffee, the end result can be as fulfilling if you can enhance the practice with your own methods that bring you joy and center your awareness on this morning ritual. 

Here are a few ideas to get you started, but the sky’s the limit!

♦ Choose your favorite mug and use the same one each day. It can have inspiring words or pictures or just be simple and aesthetically pleasing. You could even have a special one for weekends or days off to remind you to cultivate slowness in your day and find ways to fully enjoy your morning.

♦ While your water boils, meditate or develop a gratitude practice. Take a few minutes to journal or write out some affirmations for the day.

♦ As you are pouring the water and stirring in the Beyond Brew powder, practice clearing your mind. Take in the smell, watch the water transform, and perhaps set an intention for what you need from this magical brew. Is it sustained energy for a big day ahead? Mental clarity to make some big decisions? Maybe it is simply the deep nourishment of your body or to keep a balanced state of mind. 

♦ As you are drinking this sensational cup of pure joy, let yourself be fully immersed in each sip. Be entirely present in the sensations in your mouth and throat and the layers of different flavors that reveal themselves throughout the experience. Do you feel any changes in your body or your mind? Tune in to your breath. Is it fast and shallow, or slow and steady? Neither is better or worse, it is all about finding awareness and taking the time to develop a conscious pattern for this morning practice.

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Do You Use It for Its “Digestive” Effects?

Another reason many people drink coffee first thing in the morning is to keep their digestive system moving. The stimulating effects of caffeine can begin a cascade of effects that often results in a satisfying trip to the, um… powder room. The good news is that the probiotics featured in Beyond Brew can help keep your digestive system balanced and progressively pleasant. We’ve included special probiotics that aren’t damaged by heat and can tolerate being mixed into hot water or coffee without reducing their effectiveness. 

We, of course, couldn’t forget what probiotics need to live their best lives — prebiotics. Prebiotics are food for the good guys; it’s the bacteria that keep your gut happy and provides benefits for your mind and body. We’ve included tahl, a special fiber that promotes the survival of Bifidobacteria (a well-known group of important beneficial bacteria), and allulose, which provides a lightly sweetened flavor and also functions as a prebiotic. 

This combination of pre and probiotics is also known as synbiotics. Pre and probiotics are synergistic and need each other to provide the most benefit for the digestive system. Mushrooms, such as reishi and turkey tail, are also potent sources of prebiotic fibers known as polysaccharides, which benefit the digestive system and the immune system. So not only does Beyond Brew help promote an energetic start to the day, it can help keep your gut healthy, which translates to benefits that help you maintain mental and physical health. 

Waking up to Wellness

You can still live an awakened life without an attachment to coffee. Beyond Brew helps you wake up, keeps your digestive system happy, and gives you the satisfaction of a delicious morning beverage that checks all the boxes. Bring yourself into the mysterious and magical world of mushrooms and discover how good you can feel without too much caffeine in your life. Replenish your energy each morning by reaching for the enchanting blend of Beyond Brew that nurtures your microbiome and supports immune, mental, and whole-body health. Go beyond the everyday hustle and transcend into a harmonious state of being that keeps you focused and productive in the most extraordinary ways.