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How To Create the Perfect Music Playlist for Yoga


Creating a yoga playlist can be challenging because the music needs to enhance the experience without detracting from it. Sure, you want to have your favorite songs on, but you know how you get when you hear your jam; you suddenly forget everything else and get caught up in the music. A yoga music playlist has to balance on the edge of being inspirational but not distracting.

It’s a challenge that you shouldn’t let defeat you. In fact, you should embrace it, use these tips to master it, and then own your playlist like a champ.

Tips for a Yoga Playlist

Is your yoga playlist just for you, or are you going to share it? This is one thing to consider when reviewing these tips, which will also help you tailor the experience. Keep that in mind as you ponder the following.

What Type of Yoga

There are obviously different styles of yoga, and there should be different music as well. 

♦ If you’re a practitioner of power yoga, then you want more upbeat music and something that can enhance the feeling of strength throughout the exercise. 

♦ Fans of yin yoga will be working at a slower pace and looking for a meditative quality. The soundtrack here should be soothing, repetitive, and not something familiar that will pull your brain away from its zen zone. 

Restorative yoga can be a bridge between your day and that peaceful state of mind you crave. The music that you choose should reflect this bridging from hectic to calm. In restorative yoga, you hold positions for a long time, but they’re often not challenging, so the music should soothe but not send you off to dreamland.

Instrumental Is Good

Instrumental music is not necessary, and you can find some great tunes that have words or vocalizations, but it’s key to remember that lyrics can distract. The mind grabs onto the words and can’t help itself, it starts interpreting them, and this can take you out of the moment. This is why instrumental music pairs so perfectly with yoga.

Pop Works

Many people think a yoga soundtrack needs to be new age music, which is totally acceptable and often preferred, but it’s not required. Look for pop songs done as instrumental versions or, even go a little more obscure with pop hits that are turned into classical music. Better known songs are a fun way to work into, and out of your yoga session, they set the stage by engaging your brain without overwhelming it.

Thanks to Spotify, we’ve put together a playlist that includes some indie pop hits that might be familiar to some of you. These songs are fun and lighthearted and may inspire you to make a pop indie playlist of your own. The great thing about the Spotify playlist is that you can carry it with you on the app on your phone and send it to a Bluetooth speaker of your choice. 

Be Aware of Sequencing

Yoga tends to follow a sequence and listening to an instrumental playlist that works opposite that can destroy the whole thing. Obviously, having music that helps guide you from one sequence to another by changing songs or having a movement shift in a longer piece makes the practice more enjoyable and enhances the experience.

What’s the Mood

There are so many studies and articles on music and mood, so by now, it’s common knowledge that music affects your mood. You have a mood you want to achieve through yoga. Typically, it’s a more peaceful vibe with an upbeat and positive undertone. Music composition has a lot to do with how you perceive the tune. If you understand music theory, then you can look for major keys and how the combination of chords creates emotion. If you’re more of a music bystander–then just go by how it makes you feel.

Don’t Be Afraid of Silence

There are times when silence is the best approach to yoga, or at least a significant part of the routine. Don’t shy away from these moments, they can be instrumental in creating peace in the brain and turning thoughts inward and upward. Use them as necessary.

Why Use Music in Yoga

For some, silence can be critical for looking to achieve a certain state through their yoga practice; for others, it’s not as important. No matter which camp you fall in, creating the perfect playlist can open up some new insights you didn’t expect.

♦ Music can remove outside distractions. Music is a great mask for a noisy HVAC system, traffic sounds, and any other external noise that might pull participants away from their zen moment.

♦ Music enhances the peaceful effect of yoga. Similar to the way room colors, smells, and other external factors can play into the process.

♦ When perfectly aligned to the sequence, music makes the entire session feel like a dance that flows and moves in a very natural way.

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