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Fall Back Into Your Supplement Routine


The long and lazy days of summer slip away and crisp autumn is there to take its place. This is the perfect time to refresh and rejuvenate your dedication to making the right choices for your body and your health. That means it’s time to fall into your supplement routine (pardon the pun). But it’s true, as the weather changes and our summers end, it’s time to assess how to get back into your healthy routines with supplements. So let’s run through some tips to help you make the most of your supplement choices and to stick to them.

Best Supplements for Fall

Are there supplements that are better to take during the fall? Okay, well probably not. But there are a few you might want to consider adding to your routine because they’re really important, especially as we age. 


What is K2+D3? This is the combination of vitamin K2 paired with vitamin D3. Together these two vitamins are super-useful when it comes to your bones. They support calcium absorption and promote bone strength and health. Unfortunately, age commonly does a serious number on our bones, especially for women. It zaps them of calcium and makes them porous, which is not a good thing. By adding more bioavailable calcium to your diet and using K2+D3 to support the absorption of calcium, you’re directly strengthening your bone health.

One quick note on our vitamin K2. We’re kind of proud of this so we think it’s worthy of a mention. We use MenaQ7® or Menaquinone-7 for our K2. This is a highly effective form of this vitamin, and it’s the only clinically studied form of it available. It’s also super beneficial with D3, so you’re not wasting your time and money taking supplements that don’t give you the promised benefits. We’re serious about giving you only the good stuff.


MagWell is another way to support your bone health, but it also sets you up to deal with the colder months. Back to school, more time indoors, holidays, and travel – all of these things put you in close proximity to others. We’ve all become more familiar with seasonal exposures lately, which means we also know how important supporting your immune system is. 

If you’re serious about naturally promoting your immune system, then MagWell needs to be on your list. The combination of magnesium, vitamin D3, and zinc is a perfect mix of immune-supporting ingredients that also support bone mineralization and maintain proper cellular and nervous system function. It’s all-over health that’s easy to incorporate into your supplement routine.


When the weather gets colder, your skin gets dry. It’s a fact of life and dry skin can quickly cause you to look older and spotlight those fine lines and wrinkles. We offer a few different collagen supplements to help you keep your skin looking plump and full of life and energy. Explore our Collagen Peptides, Beyond Collagen Powder, and Beyond Collagen Capsules to find out which supplement is best for your busy lifestyle. 

Tips for Taking Supplements

Knowing what supplements you need to successfully start up your routine is step one. Ordering the supplements is step two and taking them is step three. Oddly, that step can be the hardest for people to remember or stick to. We’re here to help. Try these tips for taking your supplements and getting the most out of them.

Set a reminder. Never skip a dose again with a handy reminder. We actually love the idea of using music as a reminder. Select a favorite song to come on through your favorite music app when it’s time to take your supplements, then stay on top of your other regimen steps during the duration of the song.

Buy a subscription. If you are prone to running out of supplies, then make that a thing of the past by signing up for our subscription program. We’ll keep track of when you need a new supply and automatically ship it to you.

Try some recipes. We do offer some of our supplements in powder form so you can incorporate them into healthy smoothies, cookies, meals, and more. Supplements don’t have to be boring, they can be a creative, enjoyable, and even a decadent part of your daily routine. 

Look to the long-term. Taking supplements for a week, or even a month isn’t going to do your body a lot of good. It’s all about the long-term commitment to adding those essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to your system. Sticking to a regimen is very important and just knowing that it’s about the long-term results can make it easier to prioritize the steps you take to live your best life.

Waking up to Wellness

Why wait until New Year’s Eve to start making promises to yourself. Fall is a fantastic time to start fresh and new and give your body what it deserves. You’ll be surprised at how much it rewards you in return. It’s really worth the effort and the energy you put into living your best life and making the choices that you know will be a big benefit in the long run. Truth be told – you could begin seeing some of those benefits immediately, so you won’t have to wait years for results.

Adding supplements to your healthcare routine will give your body the balance that it might not be getting through your daily food intake. It’s hard to consume all of the healthy nutrients our bodies need, especially with our fast-paced lives and stretched-thin free time. Supplements are the solution and making them an easy thing to take can take away any reservations and excuses.

Consider adding MagWell for supporting immunity, K2+D3 for promoting bone health, and a collagen supplement to keep your skin looking its best during the long, cold months ahead. All of these supplements can offer you immediate results, but it’s the long-term effects that will be most beneficial. It’s all about putting yourself first and focusing on being the best you you can be.