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The Best Collagen Breakfasts: Pancakes, Oatmeal, and More


Why does taking a supplement have to be boring, or even worse, unpleasant? There’s no reason to mindlessly pop a pill every morning or hold your nose and chug a glass of cloudy water. With these recipes, you can get all the benefits of collagen while having an incredible, body-fueling, health- and beauty-supported breakfast. 

Live Conscious® Collagen Peptides pairs the amazing benefits of two types of hydrolyzed collagen with 20 amino acids. Collagen Peptides come in a powdered formula with a serving-size scoop, so you never have to guess the proper amount.

Why Collagen Peptides Is the Way to Go

Before cooking up some fantastic recipes packed with healthy extras, let’s look at why you want those healthy extras in the first place.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body. It's a big part of your muscles, skin, ligaments, and tendons. While it provides structure to your body and strength for your bones, not getting enough collagen or losing collagen due to normal aging and other common factors can lead to the appearance of wrinkles as well as everyday joint pain, and other symptoms. 

Some of the collagen loss that's due to aging and other factors cannot be recaptured, but adding collagen can help support a healthy body experiencing aging's physical and aesthetic effects.

different kinds of collagen

Types of Collagen

There are at least 16 different types of collagen, but most collagen found in the body falls into one of the following three categories:

Type I Collagen: This is the primary element found in all connective tissues except in cartilage. 

Type II Collagen: This is the primary type of collagen found in cartilage, making up 50% of all the collagen protein. 

Type III Collagen: This type is found throughout your body, particularly in your skin, lungs, intestinal walls, and vascular system.

Bovine is the most common source of collagen. It's cow-based and contains collagen types I and III. Live Conscious' Collagen Peptides are also made of shorter collagen chains called peptides through a process called hydrolyzation. This allows the collagen to become better absorbed, and it's also what makes it easy to incorporate the powder into some of your favorite recipes.

Amino Acids

Amino acids are an essential part of rebuilding connective tissue, and they also help promote energy and skin elasticity. The powerful mix of over 20 naturally-derived amino acids that make up the collagen in Collagen Peptides is also something you'll want to add to your daily routine. And why not add it with some flair by using these recipes? 

collagen pancakes

Collagen Fueled Pancakes Recipe

These are not your standard, run-of-the-mill pancakes. They're chocolate and banana pancakes with berries and, of course, a healthy dose of collagen. We've taken the original recipe and switched it up just a bit.


2 bananas, peeled

2 eggs

½ cup rolled oats

1 scoop Live Conscious® Collagen Peptides

½ teaspoon baking powder

2 tablespoons raw cocoa powder

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Pinch of salt

Macerated Berry Compote

2 cups mixed berries

2 teaspoon honey

1 teaspoon water


Use a blender to combine all of the pancake ingredients, and blend until smooth. Let the batter rest for 10-20 minutes so it can thicken.

Combine berry compote ingredients, and let them rest for 10-15 minutes.

Heat a non-stick pan over medium heat and fry pancakes. When pancakes are done, drizzle with berry compote and enjoy!

woman having collagen for breakfast

Oatmeal Recipes With a Dash of Collagen 

If nothing says comfort food to you quite like oatmeal, we totally understand. But there's more than your bland, old-fashioned oatmeal to enjoy. Instead of just one recipe, we found this Oatmeal Eight Ways recipe guide and fell in love. It's eight different ways you can make the most of oatmeal, and if you add a scoop of Collagen Peptides to each one, they get even more fantastic.

If you’re thinking about something a little different, then overnight oats are the way to go, and this collagen-infused recipe is your ticket to a great breakfast that's fueled with deliciousness. This is a basic base recipe. We encourage you to add your favorite nuts, seeds, berries, chocolate sauce, or Nutella—whatever you love to make it your reason to get up in the morning.


¼ cup steel-cut oats

¼ cup milk (your choice, can be cow’s milk, almond milk, or any other kind)

1 tablespoon chia seeds

1 scoop Live Conscious® Collagen Peptides

2 tablespoons yogurt

½ teaspoon vanilla extract


Mix ingredients in a mason jar until completely incorporated, and then put them in the refrigerator overnight. In the morning, pull out your oats and add your favorite toppings and extras. 

collagen parfait

Fantastic Collagen Parfait

How about a breakfast that feels, looks, and tastes like a dessert but has none of the guilt? If you're all in, then this parfait recipe is for you. We've added a collagen twist, of course.


Greek yogurt



Almond granola

1 scoop Live Conscious® Collagen Peptides


Blend your collagen into your yogurt. Wash and dry your fruits. Then layer your yogurt, berries, and granola. That’s it!

Not only do you get the health benefits of collagen, but you also get powerful natural antioxidants from the ripe berries, and yogurt gives you protein, calcium, and probiotics. Now, that's a sweet treat in the morning that you can feel good about.

Waking up to Wellness

What are some of your favorite breakfast meals that you can dress up with a scoop of Collagen Peptides? There are probably a ton of casserole and frittata recipes that would be easy to transform into an even healthier way to start the morning for you or the entire family.

Remember that collagen is what your body needs for structure and strength. It’s also what keeps your skin, hair, and nails looking incredibly youthful and vibrant. As we age, we lose our ability to make and hold collagen, so adding more just makes sense.

Try one of our delicious recipes with a collagen kick or try your own recipes and give them a Collagen Peptides boost. How great is it to be able to make your favorite foods and know that they’re helping you look your best?