55,000+ 5-star reviewsOver 4 million bags sold
96% recommend Live Conscious

Made in the U.S. with globally sourced ingredients
365-day money back guarantee

55,000+ 5-star reviewsOver 4 million
bags sold
96% recommend Live Conscious
U.S. manufactured with globally sourced ingredients
365-day money back guarantee
Award-winning formula

Frequently asked questions

Clearer, smoother skin

Consuming hydrolyzed collagen peptide supplements can have a dramatic benefits for your skin. It can promote clearer, more supple skin and improve skin elasticity and hydration.

Stronger hair & nails

The amino acids in Collagen Peptides powder support your diet with the necessary proteins for healthier hair and chip-resistant nails.

Flexible joints

Years of wear-and-tear can cause occasional discomfort in our joints, which may lead to a less active lifestyle. Taking collagen can promote the synthesis of cartilage cells for less joint discomfort and restored mobility.

Love from customers
preferred it to other collagen products*
saw an improvement in their hair, skin, or nails*
felt an improvement in their joints*

Andrea S.**

"My nails are stronger. My hair is shinier. My skin is glowing. I feel it in my joints. I feel it in my bones. It's amazing."

Emily F.**

"I for sure was skeptical. But I was truly surprised at just how much my hair, skin, and nails have improved...My skin is glowing. My hair feels so voluptuous and soft. And now I'm feeling more confident than ever."

Mindy M.**

"I have definitely noticed more elasticity in my skin, it just feels smoother. I feel like there's more of a glow. My hair, I feel like has a shinier look to it. It feels healthy."
365-day Guarantee
The Live Conscious difference:
Type I & III grass-fed, grade A bovine
365-day money back
Dissolves quickly & easily
Eco-friendly packaging 1
The Live Conscious difference:
Type I & III grass-fed, grade A bovine
365-day money back guarantee
Dissolves quickly & easily
Eco-friendly packaging 1
How to take collagen
Collagen works its magic best when taken daily. Here are a few ways to add collagen into your diet:
Add into your favorite beverage
Add into baked goods
Simply mix it with water
Tip: use a frother to get an even smoother mix
365-day Guarantee
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365-day Guarantee
Elevate your morning ritual
Elevate your morning ritual
Get clearer skin, thicker, healthier hair, and stronger nails with this extra boost of collagen.
365-day Guarantee

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to see results from collagen?

Preliminary studies show that for skin, hydrolyzed collagen peptides improve the appearance of softness, smoothness, and firmness after 1 month and wrinkle visibility after 2 months in women over 40.

Studies also show that hydrolyzed collagen peptides reduce everyday joint discomfort and stiffness after 3 months.

As with most supplements, real results depend on taking collagen consistently.

How should I take collagen?

Since Live Conscious Collagen Peptides is unflavored, you can mix it into a variety of recipes without affecting the taste.

The recommended dosage for Live Conscious Collagen Peptides is 11 grams (2 ½ teaspoons). A scoop is included in the bag to help you measure the proper amount.

Are there any side effects from taking collagen?

If you are sensitive, you may want to begin with a smaller dose and gradually increase to the suggested amount. That being said, collagen is generally easy to digest with few reported side effects for women and men.

What are the supplement facts?

What's the amino acid profile?

Are there any fillers, additives, or hormones in Live Conscious Collagen Peptides?

No fillers, additives, or hormones of any kind are added to our collagen powders. Live Conscious collagen is manufactured right here in the U.S. with globally-sourced ingredients.

How do I know Live Conscious Collagen Peptides doesn’t have contaminants or heavy metals?

Collagen Peptides is 3rd-party tested for U.S. standards, compliance, and quality control, including an extensive review to ensure there are no metals, microorganisms, or molds in the product. It must always be awarded a passing certificate of analysis before being placed into circulation.

How do I get my money back if I’m not satisfied?

If you’re not happy with your product for ANY reason, simply call our customer service department and one of our representatives will talk you through how to ship your product back to us. Once we have received your product, we will issue you your money back. It’s that simple. See Terms of Service for more information.


365-day Guarantee
1 purchase = 1 tree planted
With every purchase, we make a donation to Eden Reforestation Projects to help restore global forests and reduce extreme poverty in developing countries.
*Results based on survey of 685 repeat customers over the course of 12 weeks

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