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The 17 Beach Must-Haves


It’s the last big weekend of the season, and it might be your last chance to get to the beach. You better get out and enjoy splashing in the water and strutting your stuff on the sand while you can.

This year, you’re going to be super-prepared. Why? Because we’ve got you covered with the ultimate beach guide. That’s right, no more last-minute purchases of overpriced sunscreen at the Sandy Shack. This year you’ll have everything you need, as long as you follow this handy beach must-have checklist.

Your Beach Checklist:

Get ready to start collecting your beach supplies. From top to bottom, this list has you covered. 

1. Swimsuit

Of course, you would never forget your swimsuit, or would you? Sometimes the obvious things are the ones you forget. As an added tip, pack a couple of suits, so you have one to wear and a spare, should anything happen.

2. Sunscreen

Not only can sunscreen prevent you from feeling the burn, but it also protects you from premature aging and skin cancer. Brush up on how to apply sunscreen correctly so you’re sure you’re getting as much benefit as you can.

Lensball on the sand at the beach

Your lips can get just as sun-damaged as the rest of your skin, yet no one wants to apply sunscreen to their lips. Find a good SPF lip balm and carry it with you to the beach. 

Just a little tip here, a tube will often melt in the heat so a pot lip balm that you apply with your finger can create less mess.

4. Beach Hat

Don’t rely on sunscreen alone, bring your beach hat so you can protect your head and face from the sun. As an added bonus, you’ll also look super-stylish.

5. Sunglasses

Speaking of stylish, you’re going to want extra big, super cool looking sunglasses to protect your eyes from the brightness of the sun, the reflections off the sand, and UV rays that can cause eye damage

Make sure your sunglasses block 100% of UV rays, tint really doesn’t help much, you need that UV protection.

6. Fluids 

Water is your best bet, but as long as you stay hydrated, you’ll be in good shape. Your goal should be to drink about a 12-ounce bottle of water every hour you’re in the sun. That’s a lot of water, but heat exhaustion is no joke.

A woman meditating on the beach

7. Snacks

While being well-fed is not nearly as important as being hydrated, it’s still a key to comfort. Pack your favorite snacks, preferably ones with hunger-fighting protein or fiber, and enjoy your beach time longer.

8. Beach Blanket And/Or Towels

Protect yourself from the sand with a nice, oversized beach blanket. If you prefer towels, bring some of those along too. 

9. Beach Umbrella

Not everyone brings an umbrella to the beach, but the smartest people do. Not only does a beach umbrella protect you from damaging UV rays, but it also keeps you cooler. 

Did you know that sitting in the shade and avoiding solar radiation can make it feel 10-15 degrees cooler than sitting in the sun? That umbrella is sounding more and more like a good idea, isn’t it?

10. Hand Wipes

Sand sticks to your fingers, the water isn’t always as clean as you’d like, and you’re ready for a snack. Bringing some hand wipes is a great way to clean before eating and to wipe off sand before getting back in the car.

A couple in wetsuit running into the waves

11. Change of Clothes

Sitting in a car with a wet swimsuit is never fun, and it’s not good for your upholstery either. Make sure to bring along a spare pair of clothes to change into, and don’t forget the underwear.

12. Cellphone

Okay, we know, you never go anywhere without your phone. But your cellphone isn’t just good for selfies on the beach; it’s essential if there is an emergency.

13. Extra Money

A little cash is always good to have at the beach. Most places these days take credit cards, even parking meters. It’s still nice to have a little cash if the kids want to go buy a candy bar or an ice cream cone.

14. Entertainment

Are you content to sit on the beach for hours on end, or do you need something to keep it interesting? A book for you, some beach toys for the kids, a little music, a frisbee – whatever it is that keeps you occupied at the beach needs to come along.

15. First Aid Kit

It’s a good idea to have a few band-aids and some aloe vera on hand if you’re spending the day on the beach. You might also find that having some aspirin and other first aid supplies come in handy, too. If you have personal medication needs, be sure to carry extras just in case.

A woman over the cliffs of a beach watching the sunset

16. Extra T-Shirt or Cover-Up

If you’ve had too much sun but you’re not ready to go home yet, this will be useful. If not for you, then maybe for someone else.

17. Cooler or Beach Bag

Whatever you use to pack up all of these essentials, needs to come on your trip with you. 

A great idea is to create a designated beach kit that holds all the items you regularly need at the beach. Then you can just grab your goodie bag and head out the door with nothing but a beach agenda on your mind.

Waking Up To Wellness

Now that you’ve got the ultimate beach getaway checklist, it’s time to head out and celebrate National Beach Day. Kick back, relax, and enjoy one of the last guaranteed beautiful weekends of summer because before you know it the kids will be back in school, and the days will be getting shorter and shorter.

One note, while spending time at the beach is fun, relaxing, and leads to a lifetime of good memories, it’s important to put safety and protection first. While our list is meant to cover most situations, make sure you put safety items at a priority. 

Don’t forget your sunscreen (opt for reef-safe!), extra water, any snacks or medications you may need! Happy Labor Day weekend Live Conscious fam!