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Can You Reverse Screen-Related Eye Damage?


New Scientific Breakthrough Says You Can

According to a recent survey, screen time since the beginning of 2020 screen time has increased by 57%—we’re up to 13 hours a day. It’s not hard to believe given the fact that many people work in front of a computer screen all day and then spend their free time on their phones or watching television.

This has serious implications for long-term eye health. Besides genetics, the decline of vision can be attributed to a lifetime of blue light from the sun, and more recently, from screens. The addition of screens to our daily lives has put an immense amount of strain on our eyes.

Blue light is a high-energy type of light that penetrates all the way back to the inner lining of the eye.

Due to our current screen time habits, we’re subjecting our eyes to decades worth of blue light damage in just a matter of years. Thankfully, the answer to this digital age problem has been found in an unexpected place.

How Blue Light Can Damage Your Eyes

Prolonged exposure to blue light can damage the cells within our macula, an area on the retina responsible for perceiving color and picking up fine details. 

A damaged macula can lead to, eye-strain, fatigue, dryness, discomfort, irritation, or difficulty maintaining focus. Continued exposure to blue light can eventually lead to more serious vision-related problems.

Fortunately, lutein and zeaxanthin are two powerful antioxidants that help your eyes withstand blue light and support sharpness & clarity. Low levels of these two are typically associated with poor eye health, and because our bodies cannot produce them naturally, we must get them externally. 

Studies have found that lutein and zeaxanthin provide a protective layer of pigment around the macula. 

A Scientific Breakthrough

Since the 1960s, researchers have struggled to find a reliable and abundant source of lutein and zeaxanthin. Until recently, lutein and zeaxanthin can only be obtained through the use of harsh chemicals that can negatively impact the body.

Taking a step back from the lab, researchers looked to an ancient civilization that had a natural remedy for eye-related issues. These people were known as the Aztecs. 

They used marigold flowers in rituals and viewed them as a sacred plant that had many benefits—including heightened vision. With this piece of information to get them started, researchers discovered that marigolds contain a high concentration of lutein and zeaxanthin.

When they figured out a safe way of extracting these two nutrients, the results were amazing.

The marigold extraction proved to be 62 %more absorbable than other lutein and zeaxanthin extracts and delivered a 20% decrease in eye strain when looking at a screen for more than 6 hours daily. 

The Clear Solution To Better Eye Health

We at Live Conscious dove into the research and read about the marigold flower and knew we had to incorporate it into our formulation. 

This amazing breakthrough led us to create the most effective and safest eye support supplement. Introducing OptiWell—the formula specifically designed to promote clarity & sharpness, while protecting your eyes against blue light and reducing eye strain. 

We included:

♦ Optilute® -  a patented version of lutein and zeaxanthin from marigold flowers that fortifies your macula against blue light. This pairing has also been shown in clinical studies to support heart and cognitive health. 

♦ Astaxanthin - a powerful antioxidant that promotes proper blood flow to the retina and relaxes ciliary muscles, allowing the eye to properly focus during long periods of screentime. 

♦ Vitamin E - combats free radicals and protects your cells from oxidative damage, promotes immune function, and provides your skin with photoprotection to assist against UV-related issues.

Together these ingredients form the most advanced supplement for full eye support and have been shown to start working in just 15 minutes. 

See The Difference Or It’s Free

OptiWell has been proven to help:

♦ prevent blue light damage

♦ promote sharper vision

♦ aid blood flow to the retina

♦ reduce eye tension & strain

OptiWell uses clinically validated doses of naturally sourced, high-quality ingredients. It helps protect you from blue light and provides the focus and clarity you need to see fine details. 

In fact, we’re so confident you’ll love this product that we’re offering up to 26% off, your first purchase of Optiwell, including a 365-day full-satisfaction money-back guarantee. Experience the protective benefits of OptiWell risk-free and if you’re still unsatisfied, simply contact our U.S. based customer service team for a full refund—zero questions asked.