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Try These Tasty Holiday Conscious Protein Dark Chocolate Peppermint Brownies


With winter in full swing, it’s time to get your protein from a cozy sweet treat! Whether it’s just a decadent delight for yourself or a tasty offering for guests, these dark chocolate peppermint protein brownies will satisfy every craving. Who knows? You may even need to buy an extra couple of bags of Live Conscious® Organic Cosmic Cacao Protein for stocking stuffers over the holidays. On the other hand, what’s to stop you from enjoying this tasty recipe all year?

Holiday Conscious Protein Dark Chocolate Peppermint Brownies


2 large eggs
1/4 unsweetened almond milk
1/2 cup chocolate chips
1 tablespoon peppermint extract
3 scoops Live Conscious® Cosmic Cacao Protein
1 cup creamy almond butter
1/2 cup pure maple syrup
1/4 cup dark cocoa powder
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon vanilla extract


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Grease an 8x8-inch baking pan or line with parchment paper. Combine wet ingredients in mixing bowl, then mix until smooth. Add protein powder, cocoa powder, and baking powder to bowl and mix until all ingredients are fully combined. Gently fold in chocolate chips. Pour brownie mixture into baking pan. Sprinkle the crushed peppermint on top. Bake in the oven for 24 to 28 minutes or until the center is cooked thoroughly. Cut into squares and enjoy!