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Inner Balance: Your Guide to Beyond Hormone and its Benefits


Welcome to a journey of hormonal well-being. Discover how the transformative power of science and nature can put you on the path to a balanced and vibrant life.

Beyond Hormone™ by Live Conscious® is a premium women’s health supplement crafted with your holistic wellness in mind. Our comprehensive hormonal support formula with effective dosages of herbs and nutrients provides a naturally sourced solution for everyday hormonal issues.

Embrace the radiant journey and let your inner balance unfold.

Why Women Need Beyond Hormone™

Are you tired of being tired? Are you working hard to accomplish your goals but don’t always have enough energy to follow through with daily tasks? Do you feel stressed, irritable, or have everyday mood swings getting in your way? What about annoying bloating, inadequate sleep, and difficulty concentrating? 

Hormonal fluctuations throughout life can cause all of these common symptoms that get in the way of us living our lives to their full potential.

What would it look like to have our hormonal systems in balance? Would it mean less discomfort or isolation and more joyful moments? Would it mean a better quality of life? 

It’s time to take action on our hormone health.

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Comprehensive Hormone Support — Benefits of Beyond Hormone™

Our unique formulation addresses many aspects of hormonal balance throughout any stage of life. By promoting the healthy production of key hormones and ensuring the proper detoxification of extra hormonal compounds, this formula addresses the intricate synergy that is essential to hormonal equilibrium. 

Not only that, but many of the ingredients interact with and support neurotransmitters, assisting with the mental load that inevitably comes with hormonal cycles and changes.

Beyond Hormone™ was specifically designed to promote balance and comfort so we can better adapt to the hormonal patterns that follow us throughout life.

Beyond Hormone benefits include:

♦ Supporting healthy energy
♦ Promoting clear thinking
♦ Mood and mental health balance 
♦ Help with cyclical bloating and mild cramping
♦ Blood sugar health & weight management support 
♦ Maintaining healthy detoxification 
♦ Promoting a vibrant libido
♦ Help with common menstrual complaints
♦ Perimenopause & menopause support 

Live Conscious Beyond Hormone balanced hormones with benefits

How Beyond Hormone™ Works

Beyond Hormone™ has been scientifically formulated to address the complexity of how hormones interact with female physiology. It targets specific outcomes for common complaints while also having a broader range of holistic effects that promote overall hormone health. 

Our ingredients provide holistic effects by:

♦ Supporting or interacting with compounds that act as hormonal precursors in the body
♦ Promoting or reducing the typical effects of enzymes involved in hormone homeostasis 
♦ Supplementing nutritional compounds that are essential for hormone production
♦ Providing herbal phytochemicals that interact with glandular function
♦ Reducing day-to-day oxidative stress, benefiting overall endocrine function

Each of our powerful ingredients has been hand-selected for their specific benefits that contribute to hormone balance and play a significant role in women’s health. 

Myo & D-chiro Inositol

♦ Helps the body maintain healthy thyroid hormone levels, follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), and insulin already within the normal range
♦ Supports metabolic homeostasis
♦ Promotes healthy cognitive function
♦ Supports blood sugar balance, contributing to hormone balance
♦ Promotes feelings of relaxation and calm
♦ Supports restful sleep
♦ Helps keep sex hormone binding globulin levels (SHBG) in healthy ranges 

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♦ Helps maintain low, normal androgen levels in women
♦ Supports menstrual cycle regularity
♦ Contributes to a healthy weight
♦ Supports a healthy microbiome, which helps to maintain healthy estrogen levels
♦ Helps keep the urinary tract in good health
♦ Encourages a healthy libido
♦ Promotes metabolic health and supports insulin sensitivity, which are important factors in maintaining hormone balance

Diindolylmethane (DIM)

Supports healthy estrogen levels
♦ Promotes healthy detoxification of excess hormones
♦ Helps maintain normal cell reproduction and health, which is important for fertility 
♦ Fights against common oxidative stress, which can contribute to hormone issues
♦ Protects neural cells, contributing to healthy cognition
♦ Decreases everyday mood swings


♦ Supports overall hormonal balance by nourishing the endocrine system
♦ Tones the hormonal processes along the hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian axis
♦ Provides adaptogenic effects, helping the body and mind adapt to daily stress levels
♦ Supports bone density
Invigorates libido
♦ Assists in keeping cortisol levels in healthy ranges
♦ Uplifts mood
♦ Strengthens vitality

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Chaste Tree Berry

♦ Helps with typical premenstrual symptoms, such as breast tenderness, constipation, restlessness, and bloating
♦ Eases typical hormone-related mood swings
♦ Supports mental health and has uplifting qualities
♦ Helps maintain normal ovulation and menstruation
♦ Supports sufficient luteal progesterone production
♦ Supports overall endocrine health
♦ Helps keep prolactin levels in healthy ranges, which in excess can contribute to various hormonal issues
♦ Provides support for common menopausal symptoms 
♦ Promotes dopamine activity, supporting memory, quality sleep, and libido
♦ Supports fertility


♦ Supports regular monthly cycles
♦ Promotes healthy progesterone levels
♦ Benefits mental health and cognitive function
♦ Supports the replenishment of red blood cells lost to menstruation


♦ Promotes a healthy mood by supporting neurotransmitters that control emotions (including serotonin)
♦ May benefit typical PMS symptoms such as breast tenderness, moodiness, bloating, foggy thinking, and tiredness
♦ Supports bone density
♦ Promotes sharp mental function and memory

Live Conscious Beyond Hormone with a flower

Enough Is Enough: Women’s Health Matters

Women’s lives can be completely disrupted because of hormonal issues, and it’s time for a change. In a survey, over 69% of women said their work life had been affected by their menstrual cycle, and it’s estimated that women in the U.S. lose up to 1.8 billion dollars in work time due to menopause-related causes.

We hear many stories of women’s hormonal symptoms being disregarded by doctors or the people in their lives. Many of us have dealt with the stigma that comes along with PMS or being “hormonal.” 

While we can’t always control our hormones, we can tap into the wisdom of our body to promote equilibrium and equip ourselves with the much-needed support we are searching for.

Final Thoughts

Hormones are complex and constantly changing, but nature has provided solutions that can help us find stability and contribute to a better quality of life. By tapping into herbal wisdom, nutritional support, and scientific exploration, we’ve consciously created a dynamic, effective hormone supplement for women of all ages. Beyond Hormone™ is the added support you need to give your body a healthy foundation for long-lasting hormone health. Experience hormonal harmony and discover a life in balance.