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How to Stay Focused When Working From Home


Working from home (WFH) is a new norm for many, and some people absolutely thrive when they’re allowed some flexibility with their schedules, in a space that makes them feel comfortable, and that enables them to work in their pajamas.

Other people struggle to focus when they’re in a WFH situation. Their kids and spouse are always asking for things, the dog needs walking, there are so many other things you’re used to doing in your home. It’s just hard to put your attention on work when you’re in an environment that had been strictly a “no work zone.” 

So how do you transition from being a group two into thinking like a group one person – a WFH champion? First of all, it’s not something that works for everyone, and it might take some effort and a little experimentation to finetune your WFH habits. The following tips can help you get there faster.

Tips for Focusing During a WFH Situation

Remember, not all tips will work for you, and others may be exactly the answer you’re looking for. The key is to understand yourself and your work habits and then take a hard look at your distractions. You’ll get there, just keep trying.

Create a WFH office. Not all people have the luxury of a spare room that can be converted into an office, and that’s fine. Even just a chair and a TV tray can become your WFH space. This needs to be a place where you work, and that’s all you do there. Then your mind gets ready to be in work mode.

Get ready for work. Try to stick to your morning routine of getting ready for work before you sit down to work. For some people, even getting in the car and going for a little drive helps them move into the work mindset. Do whatever you need to signal that it’s work time.

Make lists. Use actual pen and paper to create a list and then cross off items as you complete them. The action of crossing something off feels good and is a mental reward, and the more things you see crossed off, the better you feel about the progress you’re making. It also helps to put your workload in perspective when you see it written out in front of you. 

Minimize distractions. Let the family know that when you’re in your “office,” you’re not to be disturbed. They’re going to have to call or text you as they would if you were away–unless, of course, the house is burning down. 

Use a reward system that works for you. Here’s the thing, working from home is great because you’re at home. Take advantage of this, and reward yourself when you complete a task by doing something rewarding and/or distracting you.

If you can’t stop thinking about throwing in a load of laundry, then do it. If your dog wants walking, make that your reward. How about a healthy snack rather than something from the vending machine at work? You can fold your pressing distractions into an achievement/reward system and come out winning.

Take those breaks you normally would in your office. If you take two breaks a day, then do that at home. The key is to do it when it’s convenient and not at a set time. If you’re really grooving and you’ve got a project that’s just clicking, don’t stop to go for a walk, keep working until you get it done. The natural flow of inspiration at home should be supported.

Use a work method. The Pomodoro technique is a very popular work method. It basically gives you 25 minutes of solid, uninterrupted work time followed by a five-minute refresh. During those five minutes, you can check your email, social media, or whatever you want. This method might not be for you, but it’s a good starting place for creating your own technique.

Eat healthy all the time. This is one of the benefits of working from home. You have access to fresh, healthy snacks and meals and you should take advantage of it. Being healthy helps your mind stay sharp and keeps you focused. 

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Waking Up To Wellness

Working from home can be a wonderful experience. Some people thrive in an environment where they don’t have office distractions and co-workers and non-stop meetings. They can focus on their work and accomplish so much more while simultaneously eating better, having more free time (no commutes!), exercising, doing some simple household chores, and being there for their family when they need them.

For other people, working from home feels impossible. They lack focus and spend hours distracting themselves with other things.

The key to molding your WFH experience from a negative one to a positive one takes work, and it takes dedication, but you can do it. Practice the tips above to see which ones work for you. With effort and commitment, you’ll find a way to balance your work and your home life and be healthier and happier and a better employee.

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