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Drink Wine Day: How Drinking Wine Keeps You Young


Did you hear the news? Drinking wine is actually good for you. You no doubt have been bombarded with stories and reports about all the dangers of drinking alcohol. You can probably recite them by heart. While there are dangers associated with drinking alcohol in excessive amounts, there is some good that can come from it too, especially when that alcohol is red wine.  

Here’s the good news, just in time for Drink Wine Day on February 18th. 

Good Chemicals

The term “good chemicals” is the very definition of an oxymoron. Haven’t we always learned that chemicals are harmful to us and should be avoided at all costs? Diets and wellness programs have been designed around the very basis of removing and avoiding chemicals. We have associated the word chemical with something harmful and negative for so long, but now it’s time to change that. Chemicals can cause cancer and illness, but certain chemicals can make you better.

Young woman relaxing with a glass of red wine

You have probably heard the rumor that drinking red wine and eating chocolate can be good for you. Well, there is actually some truth to this as the main compound in these items is a chemical that is good for you. Specifically, it is good for your cells. 

Resveratrol is a chemical in chocolate and red wine that benefits the health of your cells, slowing the effects of aging. As a powerful antioxidant agent, this chemical can prevent oxidative damage that prematurely ages your cells. 

Drinking small amounts of red wine can reactivate cells that have become old, giving them new life. In turn, you get a new life or at least a new look. Rejuvenated cells can reduce wrinkles and fine lines, giving you that youthful glow without spending hundreds on face creams. 

By preventing damage to other cells in your body and keeping them young, resveratrol promotes the optimal function of tissues and organs to keep you in overall good health. 

Young friends enjoying wine in a picnic

Not so Bad After All

Nobody likes the aging process, but we all have to deal with it. Wrinkles, slowing down, forgetting things, and increased risk for illness are not exactly fun to look forward to. Your cells start shutting down as you get older, and your skin, as well as other systems in the body, begin to age. 

Resveratrol (or a glass of red wine) activates these aged cells by splitting them into two molecules. These newer cells are more active than the older versions and replace them to bring you new life.

The use of this beneficial chemical from red wine has been linked to several studies involving reduced risk for degenerative diseases. Loss of sight, neurodegenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s and dementia, heart disease, and reduced coordination can all be helped with this chemical-splitting regenerative process. The ability to regenerate cells is a big leap forward for your health, and the potential benefits are endless. 

A young couple choosing wine in a store

It seems like forever that we have been trying to battle the aging process and hold it at bay as long as possible. The invention and production of countless creams, tonics, and other beauty products and regimens cost thousands over time. How many are actually successful? 

Keep it simple and capture your lost youth a natural way. The fictitious fountain of youth is what you have been dreaming about, but it turns out that a glass of red wine a day is all you really need

The key to a beneficial relationship with resveratrol and red wine (or dark chocolate) is a balance of give and take. Too much alcohol can damage your liver, but the right amount of resveratrol can reactivate and rejuvenate cells. Too much chocolate could cause you to gain weight and store fat, but the right amount boosts your energy and triggers the release of cell-repairing hormones. 

Young woman relaxing with a glass of red wine on the balcony

It sounds like the best dessert to end your day should be a square of dark chocolate washed down with a glass of red wine. 

Waking Up To Wellness

Drinking gallons of red wine a day is not going to make you suddenly more youthful. Moderation is the key to success here. Too much alcohol of any kind is dangerous and increases your risk of disease. 

So drink responsibly, drink red wine, and toast to a healthier and happier you! And don’t forget to stay up to date on all your health needs on Facebook @weliveconscious or Instagram @weliveconscious.