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4 Random Acts of Kindness You Can Act on Today


Happiness is one of the most essential ingredients of life. Who doesn’t like to feel happy? What is even better is sharing happiness. The wonderful feeling you get from spreading happiness to others is priceless. There are so many ways to add a little happiness to another person’s day, and a little happiness can go a long way. 

The great thing about happiness is that it is free. You don’t need to spend a ton of money or spend hours looking for an item to pass happiness along to others. In fact, there are simple acts of kindness you can do each day that will pass happiness along. 

With any luck, happiness will be paid forward, and your one small gesture can make a momentous change. And Random Acts of Kindness Day on February 17th is the perfect day to exercise some random acts!

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1. Share

Sharing is caring. You have heard that since preschool. The difference is now you are probably more open to sharing with others, so long as it is not that favorite blanket, right?

There are many ways to share kindness with others and bring a smile to their day. 

♦ Share cookies with co-workers, friends, or even a local establishment like the post office. Who doesn’t love cookies?

♦ Share a song: As you drive along with friends, or as part of a carpool, put on your favorite CD for all to enjoy. Sing along for some added amusement and joy. Music is one of the best ways to spark happiness in people.

♦ Share a joke because laughter is the best medicine. Even bad jokes have a way of brightening a mood, and sharing a laugh of any kind will create happiness

A young man giving a sandwich and a cup of coffee to a homeless man

2. Give

To give is to receive. This speaks to that wonderful feeling you will get when you make someone else’s day better. 

♦ Give a compliment to a co-worker or friend. Something simple about their outfit or hair. Just make sure you are genuine because an insincere compliment will have the opposite effect. 

♦ Give a handmade gift. A handwritten card, baked treats, or even beaded jewelry can show someone you care. The gift is not as important as the fact that you took the time to make it. 

♦ Give good advice. Really listen to those who come to you and offer sincere help and advice. Don’t worry about what you have to gain or lose from the conversation, but instead, offer genuine advice to better someone else’s situation.

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3. Be Random

Being kind to others has an entirely different effect on you when the acts are random. And by random, we mean acts of kindness towards complete strangers. You don’t have to know a person to bring a little joy to their lives. 

♦ Let a driver go ahead of you. Is that one car ahead of you really going to make you late? Letting them take the lead makes that person feel better, and you can feel good about your good deed.

♦ Hold the door and not just for those directly behind you. Even if you see someone coming, and they are more than an arm’s length away, stop and hold the door. They will appreciate it.

♦ Smile at a random person as you walk down the street or through the aisles at the store. In fact, smile at multiple people. Smiles are infectious like laughter, so flash those pearly whites and spread the cheer around. 

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4. Someone Else

Making someone the priority, even if only for a moment, makes a big difference. When you put others before yourself, you can be assured they will feel better and so will you. Happiness all around!

♦ Leave a note for someone: An anonymous note to tell someone they are great will brighten their day. Whether it is a note in your kid’s lunchbox or a sticky note on your co-worker’s desk, the outcome will be the same. Happiness! 

♦ Encourage someone: Everyone has moments of self-doubt (even you), and we all need encouragement. Encourage others to strive for their goals and dreams and be the person that gets them out of their own way.

♦ Cook someone a meal: Invite a friend over and cook them a meal. Make sure it is their favorite, and you will get an even bigger smile!

Waking Up To Wellness

A little happiness can go a long way, and it doesn’t take much to share, and spreading happiness can be easy! And even better, is that it doesn’t have to cost you a thing.

The old saying is true; money can’t buy you happiness. Happiness needs to be spread throughout the world, so start sharing today, on Random Acts of Kindness Day, and every day. Happiness is...whatever you want it to be!