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How to Wake Up Without Coffee


Do you find yourself needing more and more coffee to get through your day? Maybe it’s time to switch up your routine and drop the habit. Coffee isn’t all bad, and we know some of you are thinking we must be losing our minds for even suggesting you go without it. Isn’t coffee a total necessity?

If you are so dependent on the caffeine buzz coffee gives you, maybe you need to look a little closer into why you are reaching for that cup (or two or three), especially if you are still feeling tired afterward. Have you ever hoped to feel energetic and enthusiastic without turning to multiple caffeinated drinks? It’s possible and totally worth it!

Why Do People Drink Coffee in the Morning to Wake Up?

Coffee has become the universal wake-up elixir for people across the globe and is one of the most popular beverages out there (surpassed only by tea and water). People reach for that latte or espresso to get going in the morning, enhance alertness, get through long days, and, in general, deal with what we know as the daily grind. Unfortunately, over time, this habit can become a dependency that isn’t the greatest strategy for long-term focus and prolonged energy. It’s one of those quick fixes that seem like they are temporarily helpful but have downsides that go with it.

There are some good things about having a bit of coffee in your life, it’s high in antioxidants, for example, but if you can go without it, there are a lot of benefits. Sleeping peacefully through the night, feeling less on edge, and maintaining energy evenly throughout the day are some upsides to ditching caffeine and finding other ways to perk up your morning. 

Downsides to Drinking Coffee to Get Your Day Started

We all know that hustle culture is not always making us better humans, and powering through the day instead of listening to our bodies when we are tired is not the greatest long-term solution. Coffee or other sources of caffeine can make it a challenge to get quality sleep, which makes us tired the next day. So, of course, the answer to that is — more coffee! It’s a vicious cycle that inevitably repeats itself. 

Many people need a coffee fix to shift into productivity mode, but over time this strategy loses its effectiveness. As more caffeine is introduced to reach the same level of productivity, everyday tension builds, and it can be challenging to wind down when the job is done. Sometimes people aren’t even aware of the true impact of caffeine because it is often a gradual experience. They may feel on edge and not even know why. Those who are sensitive to the effects of caffeine may find it more of a challenge to stay calm and centered and may find themselves feeling agitated for little reason. 

woman doing morning meditation in her back yard

How to Wake up Without Coffee

Teaching your body and brain to be alert and aware without the assistance of caffeine is a way to discover what lies at the core of your true self without additional substances. You might even notice that doing mind-body practices such as meditation and yoga may become easier, and the ability to center your consciousness may be heightened. Letting go of the rushed, frazzled state of mind and learning to drop into a calm way of being can help you live your life with sustained vitality. No more burning the candle at both ends. 

Even if you don’t want to give up coffee forever, taking some time for a caffeine reset, AKA a coffee detox, is a way to start over and re-attune your body to its natural rhythms. You can decrease your tolerance, making it more effective when you really need it. Especially if you have multiple cups a day, this is a great way to realign with your caffeine habits and take a step back and get some perspective. 

Cutting back on coffee can help keep you well hydrated, maintain your beautiful teeth, promote optimal digestion, keep cortisol levels balanced, and infuse your life with a calm sense of well-being. Hopefully, your sleep quality will be so phenomenal that you will notice your productivity is actually sustained throughout the day without reaching for a cup of joe (or two or three).

Move Your Alarm

Are you an everlasting snoozer? We know the temptation to get that “10 more minutes” might make it seem like you are getting more rest, but in the long run, it can make you feel even more groggy. Moving your alarm away from the side of your bed will force you to get up right away. Having it in another room will force you to get out of bed to turn it off,  and if you are already up and out, then, well, you might as well stay that way. Avoiding the ongoing snooze cycle can help you feel more alert and awake and promote clear thinking. 

waking up with alarm clock far from bed

Open the Blinds

Let a little sunshine in! Opening up the blinds or shades so the sunlight can stream in will not only help you wake up, but it can also promote increased productivity throughout the day. Natural lighting can enhance feelings of calmness and well-being and directly affect your circadian rhythm. Although windows can block some of the beneficial effects of sun rays, light from the sun has many ways that can help you maintain optimal health and promotes energy and alertness even while you are indoors.

Drink a Cold Glass of Water

It may seem too simple to be true, but cold water can invigorate your mind and body. Drinking cold water affects your metabolism and stimulates functions in the body that translate to a more awakened state. This practice will help you stay hydrated, which is incredibly important after waking. When we sleep, our body uses its stores of water for various maintenance functions. Sometimes when people are tired, they may experience the everyday dehydration that is so common. Staying hydrated helps keep you energized and thinking clearly, plus it’s great for the health of your entire body!


Beginning the morning with a few stretches or yoga asanas can be a wonderful way to start your day. Lengthening your muscles, opening your heart space, and connecting with your breath will benefit your mind, body, and spirit. This is an inspiring way to get centered and rooted in your body and prepare your mind for the day. Stretching is a nice gentle way to get the blood moving throughout your body and help relieve the everyday tension you might be holding onto. It can even be yin-style yoga, which isn’t too demanding and will let you wake up slowly at your own pace. You can even practice yoga while you are still in bed!


Move your body to wake up your mind. It might be a challenge to drag yourself out of bed and into the gym, but you can do a few simple exercises right at home to get your heart rate up and help your mind stay alert and focused. Healthy movement has tons of benefits and will enhance your morning by putting a little pep in your step! Even a quick 5-7 minute workout can make a big difference. It can be as simple as doing a few jumping jacks, a quick run, some crunches, and leg lifts to activate your muscles and get your blood flowing. Exercise can benefit your mood, promote concentration, and even help you maintain cognitive health throughout your life. It’s a great way to wake up and meet the day!

man on a morning walk

Go Outside

Getting outside for 5-20 minutes first thing in the morning is a potent way to set a healthy pattern for your waking and sleeping cycles. Your circadian rhythm depends on light cycles, and getting out in the sunshine first thing in the morning helps set a healthy pattern for your inner clock. Being in the sun also helps your body convert vitamin D, essential for maintaining energy. Vitamin D feeds the mitochondria of your cells, which generates energy and is also linked to cognitive performance. Sunshine promotes an optimistic state of mind and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside and out!

Take a Cold Shower

A brisk shower with cold water awakens your body with a bang. Cold water gets your blood pumping and can shift your nervous system into a sympathetic state (fight or flight), which can be somewhat similar to the effects of caffeine. It promotes the release of cortisol and is even beneficial for mental health. Its stimulating effects extend to brain function and can promote mental alertness. Cold showers or plunges are popular with biohackers. They help maintain optimal functioning of the entire body, particularly for muscle recovery, everyday stress relief, and promoting clear thinking and focus. It may not seem appealing first thing in the morning, but you will love how it makes you feel! 

Take Vitamin B12

B12 is an essential vitamin that is fundamental for energy production. Unfortunately, many people don’t get enough of this precious substance, yet it's one of the most important vitamins to add to a daily supplement regimen. This is particularly true if you are vegan or vegetarian, as you may need to get more of it into your diet. Vegan B12 by Live Conscious® is 100% Methylcobalamin B12, and just a dropper full a day gives you an abundant supply.

It promotes healthy energy and supports cognitive function, so if you’re feeling a little fuzzy in the mornings, try this to wake you up and get you going. B vitamins are vital for healthy adrenal function, and everyday stress can use up the body’s stores that need replenishment. Interestingly, coffee can reduce the levels of B vitamins even more, so if you have been a long-time coffee drinker, this may be even more important!

Live Conscious' Vegan B12

Listen to Upbeat Music

Getting into the good vibes of your favorite music each morning sets the tone for your entire day. Make a special wake-up playlist that will send you into an uplifted and harmonious state of mind. Just like slow rhythm, chill-out music can help you relax, quick-tempo music can energize you. Why not even get your groove on and dance a bit while making breakfast or start the day by singing in the shower? Music is powerful and can infuse your whole body with magnificent vibrations that will uplift your mind and body and send you into the day with a force of vibrance.

Try Some Peppermint

The zesty taste and smell of peppermint are energizing and invigorating! You can make a strong peppermint tea, or if you like it cold, make it the night before and chill it overnight, adding a little creamer and honey if that’s the way you like it. If you aren’t into tea, try making yourself a spritz of peppermint essential oil that you can spray around you to tap into the power of aromatherapy for energy.

Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Of course, we hope you are doing this anyway. Starting the day out right with a balanced breakfast can not only brighten your morning, but it will also keep you feeling great for most of the day. A lot of coffee drinkers skip breakfast because caffeine suppresses their appetite, and then they get hangry later on or have difficulty concentrating. They might even reach for another cup of coffee rather than give their body what it really needs — food! A high-protein meal or smoothie is the way to feel your best and have long-lasting energy. Adding berries and/or spinach gives you a lot of antioxidants, which can also help with energy maintenance. There are endless options, and you can find recipes that are quick and simple or go full-on gourmet for the ultimate breakfast experience!

lion's mane mushroom growing in the wild

Drink a Coffee Alternative

We know that morning ritual is something to look forward to, and it’s so hard to give it up. Having an alternative to turn to will make it easier to give up coffee, and you may even find something with added health benefits. A nice warm cup of some delicious mixture can still be a part of your everyday routine. Some people even love switching to an energizing smoothie, especially in hotter weather. There are so many options, so you may need to try a few different things to find the perfect cup for you. 

There are some roasted herbal blends that have nourishing roots, such as chicory or dandelion, that will have a bitter roasted flavor similar to coffee. Our favorite option is something with functional mushrooms that provides ongoing health support in all kinds of mystical, magical ways. Look for something organic, if possible, with lion’s mane for creativity and clear thinking, cordyceps for healthy energy, and chaga for a boatload of antioxidants to replace the ones in coffee. We also like reishi for cultivating a calm focus that keeps us centered throughout the day.

Don’t Quit Cold Turkey

You don’t have to jump into life without coffee all at once! Taking it slowly and cutting back gradually on your caffeine intake will make it easier on your body. Hopefully, you can avoid any extra grumpiness that can come along with making the change in your routine. Caffeine withdrawal is a real thing, and it’s not very fun! 

Switching to decaf or green tea for a week or so is a good strategy, as it does still have some caffeine in lower amounts. Or you can start with mixing a coffee alternative such as Beyond Brew into a cup that is half coffee and half water. You will still get a caffeine fix, it will enhance the taste, and you get all of the energizing aspects of the functional mushrooms. The flavor of Beyond Brew is great on its own, but it’s also a great addition to coffee if you aren’t quite ready to give it up yet.

Waking up to Wellness

We know it's hard to give up habits that are so ingrained in your routine, such as your morning cup of coffee. Doing a little soul-searching to see if you might be better off without it will bring some clarity into your daily patterns and help you make shifts that bring you into balance and increase your inner awareness. Beyond Brew was created so you can go beyond the every day and wake and brew with ultimate satisfaction. It’s got six different kinds of functional mushrooms, it’s lightly sweetened with organic monk fruit, and it’s got Peruvian cacao for flavonols, antioxidants, and, well — because chocolate. We also added prebiotics and probiotics to keep your gut healthy and happy. You may not even miss your coffee all that much if you’ve found an incredible replacement that encourages healthy energy and overall feel-goodness.