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10 Surefire Signs You've Met Someone From Your Soul Group


Creating and nurturing your soul group is the key to a happy life, surrounded by love, support, and people who enrich your very existence. Cultivating your tribe is important, and it takes work, but as you know, it’s well worth it.

The Benefits of Close Friends

Friendships give us a means of support that can relieve stress. With stress being a major contributor to serious health problems, such as heart disease, having friends seems like an enjoyable prevention method.

Studies have shown that social ties have a more substantial influence on health than exercising and quitting smoking. Stress can also be reduced with a natural supplement like ashwagandha which can also enhance your energy and mood. 

Signs You've Found Your Tribe

So how do you know that you’ve found someone that belongs in your posse? You don’t want to spin your wheels or waste your time cultivating a group that brings you down or makes you question your choices. You want to surround yourself with likeminded people who help you live your truth. 

These signs will help you identify soul group members and help you see how your connection can be mutually beneficial.

1. The Conversations Go Deeper

When you first meet someone, and you instantly skip discussions about the weather and sports and hit the hard topics, that’s a sure sign that you’ve found someone who is cut from the same cloth. Even with those people who you’ve known for ages, some will stick to safe topics, and others let you feel free to have deep, meaningful discussions.

2. Smiles and Eye Contact

Try this experiment–walk through a crowded area, and smile and make eye contact with random people. Do some of those “meetings” feel different than others? 

Two young women connecting

It’s interesting how you can feel the soul connect with just a smile and eye contact. It’s also quite telling how the same interactions with other people can feel very off-putting.

3. Shared Brain

You know those conversations where you don’t have to finish sentences because the other person totally understands what you’re saying? In fact, most of what you say bounces back and forth like a professional ping pong game. You are on exactly the same page, and it feels like you’re sharing one brain.

4. Instant Familiarity

When it feels like you’ve known someone your whole life, that’s a quick clue that you’re part of the same soul group. It’s almost like you’ve been looking for them without even knowing it.

5. Positive Energy

Do you have friends that always leave you feeling down and exhausted after you spend time with them? Their negativity really zaps your energy. A member of your soul group will have exactly the opposite effect. They’ll lift you up and have you feeling energized. 

Even if you’re dealing with one of life’s struggles, a soul mate will help you see solutions or ways to get through a difficult time.

Friends talking on a bridge

6. Perfect Timing

Almost miraculously, when you need someone, they’re there. Whether it’s the universe putting these people in your path, or your souls connecting when it’s most needed, somehow these people appear at just the right time. 

Remember that you are sometimes that soul connection for others, and use this gift of timing wisely.

7. Authentic Self

Being your true, authentic self is the goal, right? Well, not always. You know that there are some people you simply can’t trust, and it’s best to stay a little guarded and private around them. 

With people you connect with on a deeper level, that hesitation and feeling of reservation aren’t there. You are happy to open up and share your true self. It feels liberating and reaffirming in ways that nourish you from the inside out. 

8. The Truth Doesn’t Hurt

An interesting thing happens when people who live in the same energy connect, they feel so at home and tied to the other person that honesty becomes the fabric of their friendship tapestry. 

When you’re really connected to another person, you can express concerns, discuss flaws, even have hard conversations, and there’s an understanding that it comes from a good place. There’s never an intent to hurt another, it’s always born out of inner growth and support.

Hands holding wrists to form a connecting circle

Put simply–these people call you out when you need it most, and you trust them enough to know they’re right.

9. Like No Time Has Passed

People come and go in your life. Sometimes long periods pass between seeing someone, but when they’re part of your soul group, it feels like no time has passed at all. The connection with these people is so deep that even when you’re apart, it’s still there. 

10. Agree to Disagree

While there’s usually a lot of universal beliefs, thoughts, and ideas that are shared between people of a soul group, there can be differences. Don’t expect to feel the same way about everything, in fact, it’s these differences that make a soul group so strong and capable of growth. 

Within your circle of trust, you find it easier to accept differences of opinion in others. You are able to listen to their reasons for their beliefs and understand them. Sometimes, you might even be swayed by their arguments. Other times, you hold firm to your beliefs, but you grow as a person because you understand the other side of the issue. 

Friends having fun taking a selfie

Waking Up To Wellness

While cultivating a soul group that surrounds you regularly is the goal, it’s not always possible. These phenomenal people can slip through your life with only a momentary connection. This is why it’s so important to recognize people that resonate with the same energy and enjoy their company while you can.

Knowing the signs of inner and spiritual connectedness and being able to recognize it in others will help you reach beyond your inner circle and form bonds with others. It’s also a great first step in strengthening connections and recognizing the power of enriching your life with people who validate your inner self. 

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