Change is the one true constant in the cosmos. And as this year has taught us, adapting to the times is how you stay strong.

As LiveWell has evolved and expanded, so too has how we best identify ourselves to reflect that growth.

That’s why LiveWell has now become Live Conscious!

It’s exciting to look into the future and all the amazing things yet to come. We will continue to help you live well, but living conscious means maintaining the awareness, gratitude, and interconnectedness that truly helps us thrive together. 


· The same top-notch, high-quality products you enjoyed under the LiveWell name.

· All of our products on LiveWell will be available on Live Conscious in 2021.

· New, exhilarating formulas for Live Conscious are launching now and in the future.

· A fresh look to our current and new products as well as a revamped website in 2021.


Live Conscious is forever mindful of and grateful for how we arrived here. That’s why you can enjoy all the same amazing LiveWell products as well as new products launching soon!

Our amazing LiveWell formulas, like Beyond Greens and Collagen Peptides, are staying the same. You may notice some new packaging changes in the future, but please stay certain: the original formula and product is the same one we all know and love.


Not even the sky's the limit for us! Our values of both internal and external growth mean that you can expect even more innovative, potent formulas with our classic hybrid of wholesome wisdom and scientific study.

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